The Simplest And Tiny Linux Game Gravitation


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Gravitation is a game that truly keeps the spirit of being a game. There is no fancy heavy graphical artwork, only bitmaps though not entirely! Jason Rohrer authored the whole game including the audio effects! This game particularly suits those melancholy ones and likely revolves around the life of the author.

How to install Gravitation game in Linux

​Launch your terminal program by pressing ctrl+alt+t and key in this command –
sudo apt install gravitation
​Or you could launch the graphical software manager and browse for the same –
installation gravitation game from software manager

How to play the game?

Launching the game gives you this screen –
gravitation game play in linux

And like me who was too lazy to refer to man, kept staring at it until –
​It’s hard to get a clue about the game play at first but today I’ll cover up the confusion for those who’ve never tried gravitation.Simply put, wait till your vision widens and depending on it the character (Jason-like) jumps (using space-bar) navigating the maze, fetching stars along the way that will later be pushed into the kiln.

And that’s all –

linux gravitation gameplay

​Who’s the little girl you might ask? It’s his daughter ;D and it’s not a fictional one either. Here’s where the mechanics of the game changes, play ball with the child to boost your vision field or so, and get more time to finish the game.

Now the game

​I might have said “vision”, “stars”, etc. But the game is documented and here is the explanation of the game play:The character in the game is Jason himself who is going through a phase of life, as described by himself as about mania, melancholia and the creative process. Though the maze represents his home it is nothing like a real one, only candid with imagination. And the stars??? Well, they are “the ideas” of a project, only achievable when he is inspired too, thus the widening of “vision” represents his burning desire to achieve a goal in his life and they are represented in the form of projects. A project is completed when the iced cubic stars are burnt into the fireplace. His daughter is another character that inspires him, also one can see it even in reality: a parent-child play time that brings fun, happiness and positive karmas, to the main character he gets inspired faster playing ball with her daughter.

Now then you ask me why “projects”? To be fair I don’t really know. He must’ve meant a software project (probably a new game) or audio projects (he’s a musician too).

What to note

​Gravitation is fairly basic but not too easy. You might think of gathering all the ideas and then accomplish them altogether.

​The game won’t blame you but the fact about that is stupid and utterly impossible in real life! And for those who love to multitask, this game might teach you something or probably not. However, it taught me to accomplish a goal first and proceed to the next idea instead of cluttering multiple ideas in my mind.And the outcome? You earn more points. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

More info

​In case you want more documentation, then click or browse the site to read more about gravitation. Scroll down to ‘Explanation: Read my Creator’s Statement’ if you want to read the whole story behind this game.


​Time for me to pack up here and you to load it up on your computer. I never made to the end of the game and I don’t even know if there’s an end to it, however, if you are that one who finished the game early 🙂 let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.