Timetable Scheduler App For Linux

Timetable is a scheduling app available on flathub repositories. The app is maintained by the Elementary OS team and thus it’s User Interface looks like its own native OS. Might look a bit out of place on GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, etc but still yet the app works like a charm. Read on below to get more done with Timetable.

Install Timetable

You can search Timetable on GNOME overview or through your Software center app to install Timetable. Alternatively, you can use the below command to install the app on your favorite terminal program:

sudo flatpak install flathub com.github.lainsce.timetable

Schedule task

On a normal working day, we usually have more than one task to accomplish. And it is hard to keep track of most of our to-do lists in our minds if we don’t externalize it on paper or through typing. Timetable can help you conveniently schedule each task according to your timing preference. Below is a sample screenshot of me scheduling my tasks for the week.

timetable app schedule

The user interface is simple without unnecessary toolbars. Each day is split in horizontals along with a + symbol after each day. That + symbol is used for adding new tasks for the day. You can have more than two tasks on a specific day by just adding more with the + button.

Colorize your task

Imagine having more than three tasks on a given day and all are colored white! That looks dull and discouraging. You can personalize each of your tasks by changing its color either while creating the task or through its task settings option.

colorize task timetable app

The first screenshot above clearly demonstrates the benefit of colorizing your tasks. Not only it looks beautiful but more readable. Maybe you might even get the urge to complete the task too ;P


Timetable is a cool task scheduling application for your Linux desktop. If you are having a hard time keeping track of your to-do lists, I assure you can get more productive with this simple task scheduling app. Do you have some cool alternatives to Timetable? Let me know in the comment section below and maybe I might write an article about it. Till then take care.


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  • Hello i love this app, its prettty simple and easy to use, exactly what i was looking for, only thing that is missing imo is getting notifications from when a tast is about to start and finish. thats all awesome app

  • Just installed timetable and there is no executable that I can find. Would love to use the app but need a little help!

    • Try typing this on a terminal:
      flatpak run com.github.lainsce.timetable
      You can also manually make a shortcut for it and execute the command above from your favourite DE.
      Hope this helps

  • I’ll admit I just found this article and read the first two comments. I have not used the app yet. But if the first commenter’s user experience is reproducible on others’ systems then this us utterly disgraceful. It’s 2019. To make users go to Terminal and type code to start your app, PARTICULARLY if it is a Flatpak is utterly inexcusable!

    • Thank you for the reply! Actually I just had a brain fart and forgotten the manner in which a flatpak app is run. I don’t believe there’s anything at all inherently difficult with running an application from the terminal and if you want to run it from a GUI it’s a simple matter to do so. If you prefer to run it from a terminal creating an entry in your .bashrc file – alias timetable=”flatpak run com.github.lainsce.timetable” – makes it a snap. Pun intended.

  • Well…I finally got a chance to download Timetable and what an EPIC fail !!
    First, I went to the Ubuntu App Store and downloaded the Flatpak of Timetable. I’m using Ubuntu 18.10 on an HP desktop with 16GB of RAM and an AMD A12-9800P APU. After the download completed I tried to install the app and it silently failed. I let it sit and think about it for 15 minutes and then canceled the install. I rebooted my desktop and immediately went to Flathub.org to download Timetable from there. Again…EPIC fail. All it did was redirect to the Ubuntu App store where it showed me an empty file with 0 bytes with a cryptic title of….
    com.gthub.lainsce.timetable from flathub
    I tried to download this app AGAIN on my Lenovo laptop with 12GB of RAM and with an AMD A12-9700P APU running Ubuntu 18.10 using the above two steps….First from the Ubuntu App store, then when that failed again I went straight to the Flathub.org site and tried again with yet another failure.
    Bottom line…this App and/or its Flatpak is broken. I know I could open up Terminal and “clickety clack” geekily to maybe…JUST maybe get it installed. But THAT’s not the point! I work at a Big Box Consumer Electronic chain in their Tech Repair department. EVERY day I see examples of the 99.9% of typical computer users out there. They want the computing equivalent of a toaster. Put the bread in, hit the button and make toast. In other words….go to an App Store ie: Microsoft App Store, Apple App Store, Android or ChromeOS App Store, hit the install button for an app….VIOLA….they have an App on their device WITH AN ICON to click and begin using the app.
    I advise MANY people in my life about the virtues of Linux and how easy it is now compared to the “Old Days”. I DO NOT USE OR RECOMMEND ANY APP that I can’t easily download, install and use in the way the 99.9% of the typical user expects their app to behave. That would NOT be fair to the potential new Linux User and does NOT grow the base for Linux. That is why I DO NOT RECOMMEND OR USE apps that require the Terminal OR Appimage which DOES NOT install an icon on the desktop or in the apps menu. ANY APP that requires the user to do ANYTHING other than find an easily to locate icon that can be clicked to start the app is a EPIC FAIL. Period…full stop.
    Unfortunately at this time…..the Flatpak version of Timetable is utterly broken and a failure. Perhaps when they complete the Snap version I will try again. I would REALLY like to recommend this to my friends and family who count on me to shepherd them into the Linux World of Computing. But as of now….I can not.

  • How to turn this command to run this app to a shortcut on homepage, please write steps and command… I am a newbie and how to uninstall this app if necessary in future

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