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If you have just moved to Linux then I’m sure you’ll have lots of queries. But you don’t need to worry. Linux has one of the largest communities on the Internet to help people get their queries cleared. Here in this article, I’m going to mention 10 Best communities to help you learn Linux. You can ask any question and thousands of people will be there to answer it.

​Top 10 Communities To Help You Learn Linux

​1. is the biggest communy in this list. At the time of writing this article, has 5,580,871 posts by 561,885 members from around the globe. Having such a large number of posts make this community an awesome place to get your Linux related solutions

At, It is not always about millions of posts but you also get quick and clever answers to your questions. So next time if you’ve any question, will be the best place to look for the answers.

Simple & Responsive Design

For a curious learner, a community must be available every time and on every device. is very simple designed plus it’s responsive. So you can also read posts on your smartphones and the theme doesn’t break. on smartphone

​2. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is the community that is not just focused on Linux but approximately anything related to IT. It is mostly known among programmers. You can also ask Linux/open source related issues and get your answers.

stackoverflow linux communities

The two communities that helped me a lot when I turned to Linux were StackOverflow & I am sure StackOverflow will help you clear all your Linux related issues.

3. ​ is another forum of StackExchange focused just on Linux/Unix topics. I love a large number of tags that let you dig in more specific issues. On this community, there are higher chances you’ll get the whole tag for your issue not just posts. If you don’t have any issue but want to learn about a specific topic then is a good place to go for.

unix stackexchange

​4. Reddit (r/linux)

Who does not know Linux? Reddit receives billions of pageviews per month. The subreddit Linux is followed by a large number of people (221,843 currently). If you want to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the Linux/open-source world, the Linux subreddit is a good place for that. Almost anything that happens in Linux whether a new distro release is made available or any major issue/bug is fixed, gets posted on Linux subreddit.

linux subreddit

​Distro Specific Linux communities

All the above communities are very useful for any Linux distro users. The following communities are distro-specific Linux communities. The majority of Linux users use some Linux distros so it’s worth mentioning communities of those popular communities.

​5. is the best community for Ubuntu users. The posts in UbuntuForums are well categorized. It is very easy to find any specific posts. The community is very active and the best thing about UbuntuForums is that there are no spams. The community does not only delete the spam posts but blocks account. There are currently 12,912,172 posts from 2,036,336 community users.

​6. is another community for Ubuntu Linux users. It’s not as active as but still, it has large numbers of posts related to Ubuntu. If you google any Ubuntu related issue, the chances are high that you’ll land on one of AskUbuntu posts. ubuntu forum

7. Linux Mint Forum ​

One of the most popular Linux distro ‘Linux Mint’ has got a great community. There are currently 1145045 posts from 97,260 users. The community is well categorized that makes it really very easy to find a specific topic. Some of my favorite categories are Newbie QuestionsSoftware & ApplicationsInstallation & Boot and Networking.

linux mint forum
linux mint forum

​8. Arch Linux Wiki

One of the best distro specific communities is the Arch Linux wiki. Arch Linux is said to be the toughest to learn Linux distro but its wiki makes it super easy to learn & adapt Arch. There is everything well described in the wiki from the Arch installation to Arch FAQs.

arch linux wiki

9. OpenSUSE ​

The official OpenSUSE is very helpful for OpenSUSE Linux users. The forum is available many other languages so if you don’t know English, it’s worth visiting this community. Currently, there are 948,502 posts from 36,219 community members. So it’s big enough for OpenSUSE users to find your distro specific solutions.

openSUSE official forum

10. Fedora Forums & Ask Fedora Project

And lastly here is the community for Fedora users, it’s official Fedora forum. There is a large number of Fedora related issues already discussed on this official forum. Another good Fedora community is Ask Fedora. Ask Fedora is a good one to discuss your Fedora issues with advanced users.


These are the few Linux communities out of many more. These communities are very helpful for any Linux newbie. If you have any question, just start from the top and post your query. I know there are many more communities. Let us know your favorite community where you get your Linux answers quickly.

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