Top 5 Ubuntu Themes Of The Month

​Every month we select the top themes for Ubuntu. Many themes stay same and many change. Themes are one of the best ways to make our desktop beautiful and who doesn’t want to make his desktop beautiful? The themes mentioned below are paid and free too. Select as per your liking and install it right now.

​So let us start the themes right now. Remember themes are not in some top order. Each and every theme is great in itself. Try them all, I will say.


​Numix project has always many awesome themes. One of them is Numix-Circle, which is really beautiful. The Numix-Circle theme has about 2150 app icons. They also have exclusive icons for settings, custom folders, and other related stuff. The theme is well polished and maintained and is free to download, however, you can donate some money to support the project.

To download the theme on Ubuntu –

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:numix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install numix-icon-theme-circle

​Or visit the below link to download the zip file.

Windows 10

​Yeah! You may blame me for being a Windows lover but seriously if company screwed the system in Windows 10 (the one like update), they also created the best window GUI ever (on windows). The windows 10 GUI will make an awesome look and the power of Ubuntu will create a perfect system for you. Try it now! We at LinuxAndUbuntu have already an article on how to transform your Ubuntu into Windows 10. Got to below link to read a full-fledged guide on it.

Transform your Ubuntu into Windows 10

Flat Remix

​Someone told me that the Android theme is great and asked me is that possible to get that material theme for Ubuntu? Yes! It is possible. There are many famous material themes, flat remix is one of them. Looking really awesome Flat remix is ahead of its simplicity as it speaks and makes your desktop really beautiful. It also works great with other DE.Visit its Github page to download it.

You remember the famous material icons and theme on android which is rocking everywhere. Yeah! There are also many themes in open source world, but none of them is as unique as Flat Remix. It is really an awesome theme, Ultraflat icon, numix circle and many more. I simply loved the material design. The icons were really well polished and as the theme is open source you can tweak it too.You can use it as an alternative to Numix Circle as it also inspired from it.


​Yeah! That is just a picture on how Ubuntu will look like after using MacBuntu. It is basically a whole transformation pack which changes the whole look of your Ubuntu into the beautiful OSX. Although macbuntu is old, OSX lovers still love to use its beauty in their distros. How to get it? We published a guide on the whole setup of macbuntu that is really simple and easy. Read it here.​

Fact: – The guide was loved very much and we received personal comments from many of our readers praising the guide.


​The most awaited desktop but sadly killed by canonical. But don’t lose hope, the Unity8 theme is here to have your back. Really as beautiful as you can think, it is more beautiful in reality. The Unity8 theme was the one I was waiting for a long time and is now finally here. We just a few days back covered the whole theme for you guys.


​These were the top 5 themes for this month according to me. Personally, on my PC, Windows 10 theme is from a month and is going to stay until next article. When I was selecting themes, I was amazed that the theme most people love are already covered by us, loved by you guys already. Considering it, I will be really happy to say thank you all for being with us choosing the best themes every time.

I will be also glad to invite suggestions for our next month’s article on top themes. Comment below and tell me your favorite theme and opinion regarding above.

If you like the above themes, consider donating some money to themes devs.