Best Linux Distros to Try in 2023

​This article helps you learn about some key features of Linux operating systems so that you are able to choose Linux for your environment. The year 2023 is a crucial year for Linux especially in the high-level segment of the company and home users. In this article, we’re going to see the best Linux distros for 2023.

Best Linux Distros For Desktops

Beginner Linux OS ‘Solus’

​The Solus LinuxOS has attracted a lot of attention lately. It is not another derivative of Debian or Ubuntu. It comes with a good desktop environment, which was built from scratch, but it seems to be integrated with Gnome. “Solus” has the same behavior and approach as GoogleChrome OS.

In fact, “Solus” is an old operating system, has been around for a while in different names and forms. But the entire project was rebuilt in 2015 under the new name ‘Solus‘.

Based on the cloud Linux OS ‘Chrome OS’

Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system for online activities and it can not be your typical distribution based on Linux. However, it is based on Linux and its source code is available for anyone to compile or modify as it is a very attractive OS. I use Chrome OS on a daily basis. It is excellent and maintenance-free.

Best customizable Linx Distro ‘Arch Linux’

Arch Linux is also one of the best desktop Linux distros. It receives regular updates. Users are allowed to run the latest packages, and they can run software pre-released by their unstable repositories. Arch is also known for providing an excellent documentary, Ark Wiki, the best resource for related articles.

What is best about the Arch is that it is offering almost every package and software that is available for “any” Linux distribution. Arch is one of the most customization distributions. You get a foundation and you can build distro you want on the top of Arch​Arch Linux is a great or better distro for those who want to know everything about Linux OS. Because you have to install everything manually, you will learn all the pieces of a Linux-based operating system.

Laptop based on Linux OS ‘Ubuntu MATE’

​Almost all laptops will not have very high-end hardware, and if you want to run a real resource-based desktop environment then Ubuntu MATE seems to be a great operating system. It is a very light OS. Thanks to the lightweight design, the majority of system resources are kept free for applications for launching so you can always do heavy work on it.

Linux for Old Hardware ‘Lubuntu’

​If you have an old laptop or a PC that you have set aside, give a new life to “PC with Lubuntu“. The latest version of the distro is Lubuntu 18.04 bionic beaver. Lubuntu is a good operating system for those who want to use their old hardware.

Linux Mint – Linux for Linux desktops

Linux Mint cinnamon is the best and the right operating system for high-end desktop computers and laptops. It looks right and behaves like Mac OS X and is also called Mac OS X in the Linux world. The distro has become incredibly stable. Developers are now investing all their time in making Cinnamon better.


​I was happy when I dealt with this story. It’s extremely energizing to see that there is something for everybody in the Linux world. If you’re still in doubt which is best desktop Linux distros you should go with, then let me know your system detail in the comment section below and I’ll help you select your distro.