Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Available To Download


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Ubuntu 18.04, the latest LTS release of Ubuntu has finally been released. After massive changes and moments of waiting it is clear that canonical had something exciting for Ubuntu users. Codenamed Bionic beaver, the ubuntu 18.04 is a hit with its new features optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning cloud support, desktop features and server support.

In this article, we are going to inform you about everything you need to know about 18.04. Installation procedures, its advantages over previous versions as well as the surprises it brings to Unity users of Ubuntu 16.04.  

What’s New In the BIONIC BEAVER

Numerous changes have been incorporated in previous Ubuntu versions in order to come up with the new  18.04 version. This is especially significant to Ubuntu 17.10 its predecessor.

Numerous bug fixes which led to a delay in the release are proof of the adamant effort to improve user experience as well as allow a streamlined upgrade from previous versions. As you are going to see the installation process has been minimized and shifted its unity desktop to the Gnome desktop. Which marks an end to unity displays used in previous versions. Let us take a look at the new features.  

The Default Desktop Environment Gnome 3.28

Ubuntu 18.04 has changed its unity desktop environment to Gnome shell 3.28. This means that the typical Ubuntu 16.04 will have to adapt with some used to changes like having the minimize, cancel and hide buttons at the top right corner instead of the typical top left. The customized Gnome shell version introduced in Ubuntu 17.10 might have prepared 17.10s users of the shift. With Gnome be sure most window management options have changed, the heads-up display has been abandoned. Although canonical tried to make the Gnome environment as easily adaptable to Unity users, the differences are still significant and worth to note and learn.  

Minimal Installation Option

A new installation option has been added. While you install Ubuntu you will notice a minimal installation button that allows you to install a lighter version of the Ubuntu Os. By clicking the button you will be able to install a small Ubuntu environment with just a few utilities and a web browser. When you choose this option you will install a less than 500MB disk space file which will obviously allow you to later upgrade it and install other important files.

The advantage of this is that it allows for less installation time and saves you from a cluttered OS installation. However, note that the minimal installation will not install with LibreOffice and the media player.

ubuntu 18.04 minimal installation

Canonical Data Collection Features

ubuntu 18.04 opt out data collection

Ubuntu has a new option of collecting information from your personal computer and reporting it to the support community so that developers can help improve its features.

This information includes computer model, installed software, the approximate location you choose and your time zone.

However, you have an option of whether to send this information or not. You can also disable the data collection features.

Another data collection feature is that the Ubuntu 18.04 is set to automatically send bug reports and share packages you have installed through apport.  

Canonical LivePatch

This new feature enables you to install kernel updates without the need for rebooting your computer.

This feature has been enabled on the desktop although it was previously intended for servers. Immediately your Ubuntu installation or upgrade you will see a live patch option on the welcome wizard. To enable it you will, however, need an Ubuntu account. However, this is a commercial service that Canonical intends to sell to businesses.

You can also configure live patch after installation in the software and updates window.  

Color Emoji

If you thought the next Ubuntu Version won’t be fun you were wrong. The new version comes enables with color emojis. To access the emoji package while logged on to your apps just click ctrl+;  

Download Ubuntu 18.04

To install Ubuntu 18.04 visit click here to find the download links. For more updates about Ubuntu 18.04 keep checking back.


What most users are likely to encounter as a downside in the new Ubuntu 18.04 is to get used with Gnome environment. However, it is a matter of learning since this is an advantage, of course, bearing in mind that Gnome’s interface is simple and user-friendly.

Despite the change, Ubuntu’s desktop environment software remains the same with just the normal upgrades for Mozilla, Thunderbird, and LibreOffice.