Ubuntu To Provide NVIDIA Drivers Updates To Ubuntu LTS Users


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Ubuntu has been a good choice to switch to Linux from other operating systems. The only thing that has stopped people is the hardware updates. However, there were NVIDIA drivers updates available but through third-party PPAs.

But no more installation of third-party PPAs in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Ubuntu will provide the latest NVIDIA drivers updates to its long-term release users starting from its latest LTS release, Ubuntu 18.04.

The big news was announced through Ubuntu’s Twitter account, posting a Youtube video describing how Ubuntu is testing the feature and releasing it to the public very soon.

Let me tell you, updating Nvidia drivers was not difficult but required the installation of third-party PPAs or run several scripts to update NVIDIA drivers.

As explained in the video, Ubuntu will now provide the latest proprietary drivers updates from its repositories in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.04 soon.

SRU (Stable Release Update)

Ubuntu LTS versions get only major LTS updates for all preinstalled applications such as LibreOffice. For frequently updated applications such as Chromium and Mozilla Firefox, there is a program called SRU(Stable Release Updates).

Similarly, Ubuntu will provide NVIDIA driver updates under SRU through its repositories knocking out the need to install external PPAs or scripts.

Ubuntu is already testing the updates and will start to release to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS users and has plans to release to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in the coming future.

It is a big relief for Linux gamers who use software like Steam to play games. We no longer need to worry about Nvidia drivers updates. Also, it boosts confidence in Linux games developers. Last month we had a bit of trouble in the Ubuntu gaming community due to the news of withdrawing 32-bit packages in future Ubuntu releases. Due to so much hue and cry, Ubuntu quickly took a step back and announced it would continue to provide selected 32-bit libraries that will help app developers, including Steam.

The approach of providing Nvidia drivers updates through default repositories is not unique. Pop! OS from System76 also provides graphics drivers updates to its AMD and Nvidia users.

BTW, talking about Pop! OS, other Linux distros based on Ubuntu 18.04 will also have the capability to update PPA drivers. So all Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Elementary OS, and so on… will be able to receive NVIDIA updates.