Ubuntu 20.04 + Depin -- Perfect combination for a beautiful Linux distro

The beta versions of Ubuntu 20.04 and its flavors came out last week. The stable version is scheduled to release on the 24th of this month. Another interesting news is that a new flavor of Ubuntu 20.04 is coming ahead with the beautiful desktop environment, Deepin.

UbuntuDDE — Ubuntu 20.04 + Deepin

Those who have never heard about Deepin are a Linux distribution known for its beautiful desktop environment. Announced on Twitter, UbuntuDDE is a mixture of Ubuntu and Deepin desktop environments built by Deepin. UbuntuDDE is not an official release from Ubuntu, but the UbuntuDDE community’ll support it.

After trying the distro for more than 3 days, I liked it. Deepin distribution used to be based on Ubuntu until version 15. Now Deepin is based on Debian. So those who left Deepin just for that base change can now switch to UbuntuDDE.

Is beta safe & stable?

Of course not. Beta releases are meant to test the distro and report bugs to the team. Currently, the UbuntuDDE beta release has so many bugs. I had several errors during the installation, and it took a lot of time to fix the bugs. Though, the team also released the bugs fixes on 11th April.