first post but exciting. welcome!

Hello, Friends. I am very happy writing this post, introducing myself and most importantly introducing my blog. I don’t have a very long introduction because I am a student, graduating in Commerce. Well I think I forgot to tell you my name Yeah! So My name is Mohd Sohail and this is the final year of my graduation. I have also completed a diploma in Computer Application (DCA) and I’ve a Certificate of Course on Computer Concept (CCC). I’ve been very interested in technology since I got my first PC in 2004. I learnt a lot of things from my brother who is currently working with Google. I like surfing Internet and reading other blogs and solving problems. Now talking about my blog as I am starting this blog because I think there are uncountable people who have plenty of the problems as I had especially in Linux. Linux has been stable, secure and beautiful operating system that gives freedom to explore more. With Linux there has been problems (other systems do have problems). But we have solutions too and the only thing is to have knowledge and  a bit of time for reading a good article.

Here on I will be providing the solutions of the common problems that we always have with new applications and I will be doing reviews of the latest Applications especially Ubuntu Applications (because Ubuntu is widely used). I will first test them on my PC or Laptop and then will give you my views on that particular application. If anyone has any questions can ask by simply commenting below the post. I’ll be there to answer your questions. Here It goes to end now and thank you very much. Check out daily posts and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list to get daily posts through email or you can like or follow on Facebook, Google+, twitter, and pinterest.