WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” Released

WordPress 5.7, codenamed “Esperanza” was released this week with a few new features and many important improvements. Codename Esperanza has been given in honor of the wonderful musician Esperanza Spalding.

The release brings in some new features, important fixes, and improvements. If you have not updated WordPress 5.7, it’s recommended to update to 5.7 ASAP.

What’s New In WordPress 5.7

Easily Adjust font-size of list and code blocks

WordPress 5.7 adds options to adjust the font size of lists and code blocks.

Adjust font size code block
Adjust font size code block

Drag-n-Drop blocks & patterns into editor

Drag n drop blocks
Drag n drop blocks

Gutenberg editor is getting better each release. In this release, creating new blocks or patterns is much easier. Just drag the pattern or block and drop it into the editor.

Better reusable blocks

With Gutenberg, you can create your own customized blocks and reuse them later. This release has made reusable blocks more stable and saves automatically on post/page update.

Color pallette

Darker Color Palette
Darker Color Palette

Another change that you’ll most likely not notice is the color palette of the WordPress dashboard. The default color palette looks a little darker and very minor change in the dashboard’s sidebar when hovering over menu items; there is a border on the left side.

Easily make block covering entire window


Cover block

Easily transform an image block to cover the entire window. Just insert an image block, click transform, and select Cover. You can insert a background image, single color, or gradient.

Buttons block layouts

Buttons block layouts
Buttons block layouts
Pre defined button width
Predefined button width

Add a button block and use one of the two layouts, vertical and horizontal. Horizontal layouts buttons group horizontally, whereas vertical layout stacks them together.

Customize social icons size

Social media buttons size
Social media buttons size

Social media icons’ size is now customizable. Add social icons and select the ‘Size’ to choose between small, normal, large, and huge.

Single-click switch from HTTP to HTTPS

WordPress now supports HTTP to HTTPS by default. If your website is on HTTP and your server supports HTTPS, then it will provide the option to make the switch.

Lazy-load iframes

Iframes include loading=”lazy” that loads the iframes content as the visitor scrolls it into view to improving website performance.

jQuery 3.5.1

WordPress uses jQuery, a popular javascript library. WordPress 5.7 comes with jQuery v3.5.1.


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