Youker Assistant For Linux System Maintenance Cleanup Tool

Youker Assistant is Linux system maintenance software built by Ubuntu Kylin, an official Ubuntu subproject for Chinese users. Youker assistant helps maintain the system by cleaning system trash files, cache, cookies, and all other history traces.  There are a couple of more built-in tools in Youker Assistant.

Clean System Trash Files & Save Disk Space

Unlike most other Linux apps, Youker Assistant has a very clean and awesome interface. It’s very easy to use application. Simply, click ‘Start Scan’ to clean the system’s trash files, junk files, system’s cache & clean, etc.

Youker Built-in Tools

There are four built-in tools in Youker assistant. UbuntuKylink Software Center, Boot Manager, Camera tool and Shred Manager.

Select what you want to clean

You can also select what you want to clean and what you want to omit with Youker Assistant. Click ‘Cleanup’ and select System cache, cookies, and history traces, etc.


You can also see all the system details in Youker assistant. Click ‘Sysinfo’ for complete system detail.

Personalize System

You can also use Youker assistant to personalize your system. You can do Theme settings, IconSetting, Mouse pointer, Sound effect, Touchpad settings. You can also check dead pixels and energy saving settings using Youker assistant.

What does not work in Youker Assistant?

There are a couple of things in Youker Assistant that did not work for me. I used Youker in Linux Mint 18 and few things didn’t work. Setting up a custom theme did not work, Sysinfo could not detect CPU, Motherboard, HD information.

How To Install Youker Assistant In Ubuntu 16.04/Linux Mint Or Other Derivatives?

Youker assistant is already available in the default Ubuntu repository. So you can install it easily using apt package manager.
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install youker-assistant