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Zorin OS to release Zorin Grid for centralized management of Linux desktops

Zorin Grid

Zorin Grid

Zorin OS 15 lite came out in December last year with a great number of updates. In each release, the team is focusing on making it a way more easy to hop on to it from Windows and I congratulate the team that it has done it so well.

Zorin OS is a great choice for Windows users. There is everything that one could get on Windows, from day-to-day use software to playing games through wine. It has got all of that.

Now Zorin OS is also focusing on replacing Windows systems with Zorin OS in Schools, businesses, and other organizations by releasing a centralized management tool called Zorin Grid.

What is Zorin Grid?

Zorin Grid dashboard

Zorin Grid can manage multiple computers that are running Zorin OS. And, managing does not only mean by performing a few tasks on the connected desktops. Zorin Grid will allow to install or remove apps, enforce security policies, install updates, configure desktop settings, and set software updates and security patch policies. All of this from a single computer. No matter how many computers your organization has.

Apart from these, any organization or company can manage computers into groups. Creating groups will help companies setup new computers easily. All the settings, security policies and apps will be automatically applied to new computers based on the group they are added in.

For me, it will be a very useful tool. Controlling hundreds of Linux desktops from a single platform is a huge advantage.

How will Zorin Grid work?

What we know so far about Zorin Grid is that it will be a cloud-based platform. It will be extremely easy to enroll a computer in an organization. To enroll a new computer into an organization, it should have the client software installed and connected to the organization, and also the organization accepts its enrollment in the Zorin Grid dashboard.

For the security of the platform and the communication goes on between the client and the server, everything will be encrypted.

Is it only for desktops running Zorin OS?

Initially, Zorin Grid is only going to support Zorin OS desktops. Though, the team has plans to soon release support for other Linux based computers as well.

Release date

No specific date has been released yet. All we know is that it’ll come out this summer so we should expect it somewhere in May or June. And the support for other Linux based computers will be released soon after the initial release.

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