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Among hundreds of Linux distributions, few dare to make Linux look like Windows, and among those is Zorin OS. But its look is not the only feature; it comes with cutting-edge tools, always respects privacy, and improved security, to name a few.

Back in June, Zorin OS 15 was released with a lot of new features and improvements.

So in this article, we’ll take a look at Zorin OS 15 features and what it has improved since its previous release.

Zorin OS 15 Installation

Uniquity is the easiest to use installer that we have got in Linux. No matter if you are switching from Windows or Mac, you will find this installer extremely easy.

Install Zorin OS
Install Zorin OS

The installation wizard will let you install Zorin OS alongside the installed operating system or remove all operating systems to install Zorin, and you can also format everything on your own by selecting ‘Something else”.

Since the installation of Zorin OS and Ubuntu is the same, you can follow this step-by step-guide to install Zorin OS.

What’s New In Zorin OS 15

Zorin Connect

If you miss your calls, messages, and other important notifications on your phone while you’re working on your PC, then Zorin Connect is a boon for you.

Zorin Connect Android App
Zorin Connect Android App

Zorin Connect syncs your phone with your computer and shows all your important calls, messages, notifications. Not only that, but it also allows you to control your Zorin computer from your android phone remotely.

As I mentioned in the article above, Zorin takes care of your privacy and security, so all data transferred between your phone and PC is RSA encrypted end-to-end and only going through your wifi. No data is being sent to the cloud.

New Look

Zorin OS has always been at the center for its look and design. The new release also comes with a new look & animations. There is an app, ‘Zorin Appearance,’ to control the look & feel of the operating system.

One of the best Zorin OS 15 features is that it can adapt as you like. It’ll change to light mode in the day and dark mode during the night, making it much more useful and easy on your eyes.

Zorin OS 15 is also able to change the system background automatically every hour.

Also, you will no longer need to install third-party apps for controlling the blue light your screen emitting during the night. There is a built-in app for that.

All these new features will make you more relaxed, especially when you work for hours & hours.

Touch Screen Support


If you are using Zorin OS on a laptop or a tablet, it will always work. Just switch the layout from the Zorin Appearance app, and it’ll adapt to your tablet or other touchscreen device and enable extra features to control it better.

Flatpak support

Flatpak apps can be installed on different types of Linux distributions and provide the same user experience. We have discussed flatpak in an article here. So if you want to know more about it, you can read the article.

how flatpak works
how flatpak works

The new Zorin OS now has built-in support for flatpak. So you can install any flatpak on Zorin without having to install any external packages.

After adding the Flatpak repository, we can install flatpak apps right from the software installer, already supported snaps. For more information on Snaps, please read this.

More new & improved features

Besides the above-mentioned features, Zorin OS 15 has also redesigned some apps, added do not disturb mode, a To-do app, Firefox as the default web browser, Color emoji support, NVIDIA drivers available from the live ISO, etc.

Download Zorin OS 15

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