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Encryptr Zero Knowledge System Based Password Manager

Encryptr Zero-Knowledge System Based Password Manager For Linux

BySohailApr 17, 20153 min read

Encryptr is a free and open-source password manager built on a highly secure ‘Zero-Knowledge Crypton Framework.’ A zero-knowledge system prevents even the server from knowing what data is being sent and saved on the server by the user. With a simple and sleek user interface, Encryptr saves all of your passwords, credit card data, PINs, or access codes in the cloud. The tutorial below will walk you through installing Encryptr…

best linux file recovery software

5 Best Linux File Recovery Software

BySohailApr 14, 20159 min read

At least once in life, most of us lose important data on our computer and then think we must not have deleted this, whether some important documents or lectures’ videos…

Top first person shooter game for linux

Top 5 Linux First Person Shooter Games Play On Steam

BySohailApr 8, 201511 min read

‘First Person Shooter’ is one of several Game categories. The majority of gamers prefer first-person shooters, or FPS for short. If you’ve ever used Windows, you’ve probably heard of the…

Bleachbit Best CCleaner alternative for linux

BleachBit – Best Linux CCleaner Alternative for Linux

BySohailMar 31, 20153 min read

If you’ve ever used Windows, you’ve probably used CCleaner to analyse and delete junk files, temporary files, and free up space by deleting recycled files. BleachBit is a good alternative…