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hibernate linux

How to Hibernate Ubuntu: A Step-by-Step Guide

BySohailFeb 20, 20154 min read

Are you doing multi-tasking on your Linux machine and suddenly there is a power cut? Is your Laptop battery low or have any problem with your PC’s UPS? Hibernating system is a good option for you! You can save all your work and resume where you left after switching on the computer. Before we continue, we’d like to tell you about Contabo. We host LinuxAndUbuntu on Contabo VPS. Check them…

How To Install WordPress – Step by Step Guide

How To Install WordPress – Step by Step Guide

BySohailFeb 4, 20154 min read

In the previous article, we installed and configured PHP, Apache, and MySQL. In this article, we’ll keep hosting WordPress on our own server. If you have purchased hosting or are…


BackBox 4.1 Ubuntu based Distro Released, available to download and install

BySohailJan 31, 20151 min read

BackBox is a free Linux Operating System based on the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu. BackBox provides penetration testing, incident response, computer forensics, and intelligence gathering tools. The latest Release…

Transfer files between android and Linux

Airdroid – Transfer Files Between Android And Linux (All Distribution)

BySohailJan 29, 20152 min read

We frequently need to transfer large amounts of data between Android phones/tablets and Linux computers in the form of mp3 songs, video songs, movies, and, most importantly, large games. Transferring…