• Drupal Introductory Guide with Installation

    Drupal Introductory Guide with installation on litespeed

    On this site, we’ve gone over WordPress in great detail. Despite the fact that WordPress is the most popular and actively developed CMS, it is not the only good one on the market. In this article, we will go through Drupal in depth, determining who it may be used for and how to install Drupal […]

  • Migrate Docker Containers To New Server

    Migrate docker containers

    Docker makes it simple to deploy container images that contain a fully functional operating system and make use of the host kernel. We’ve already covered the installation and use of Docker containers; in this post, we’ll go through how to migrate Docker containers from one server to another server. Docker containers are relatively easy to set up […]

  • Kasm Workspaces – Stream Docker Containers Easily & Quickly

    Kasm Workspaces stream docker containers

    Kasm Workspaces is an intriguing platform for security and development aficionados. It is accessible by web browser and allows users to deploy container apps, including full-fledged Ubuntu desktops. In our daily lives, we must deal with a wide range of challenges that arise in our workplace. As an independent developer, I am concerned with designing […]

  • Best Self-hosted Email Clients

    Best self hosted email clients

    Self-hosted email clients are those that we can host on our own server or on our local network. The advantage of using a self-hosted email client is that it makes your email accounts accessible to any devices on a network. We can use these clients to not only integrate third-party email accounts, but also to […]

  • Mastering Linux Administration – Book Review

    Mastering Linux Administration

    People frequently inquire about the best ways to learn Linux. I’ve already done extensive research on the subject and written three articles on how to learn Linux online. Candidates that are serious about learning Linux can get started immediately by joining online communities or purchasing video courses. Books, on the other hand, have always been […]

  • Protect Online Privacy

    Protect Online Privacy

    Once you learn top ethical hacking terminologies, it’s time to learn how to protect your online identity. These days it is one of the biggest challenges to stay anonymous while browsing the web. In this article, I will mention ways to stay anonymous online. I have discussed this topic in detail in the past. But […]

  • Top 25 Ethical Hacking Terms For Learners

    Top Ethical Hacking Terms For Learners

    Welcome to our series “Hacking with Kali Linux”. Before we move on to advanced topics, it is important to get familiar with hacking terminologies or hacking terms or slang. We will be using these terms in articles throughout our series.

  • How To Host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on Ubuntu

    Host Counter Strike Global Offensive Server

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS: GO, is one of the most popular games. Released in 1999, the game involves two teams where the Terrorist team tries to plant explosives whereas the Counter-Terrorists team tries to prevent it. After nearly 21 years of its launch, the game still has millions of active players worldwide. […]

  • Best Linux Backup Software For Desktops And Servers [2022]

    Best Linux Backup Software

    Without a doubt, cloud services have saved us a lot of time and effort. We can back up essential files on the cloud and access them whenever we want. However, backing up the full operating system is typically not possible with cloud services such as Gdrive, OneDrive, etc. Furthermore, an operating system with a large […]

  • 10 Steps To Secure Linux Server + {Bonus Tips}

    steps to secure linux server

    Linux servers are already extremely secure by default; that’s why 100% of supercomputers, most of the top 1 million servers, and top 25% of websites on the internet run on Linux. Besides having security tools in place, users should follow a few steps to further secure Linux servers. As we all know, nothing is perfect. […]

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