Install Kali Linux (VirtualBox) – The Quickest Way

​Welcome to the first part of our series Hacking with Kali Linux. In this article, we’ll learn how to install Kali Linux on various devices including, Virtualbox on Kali Linux and Android.

Kali Linux is the complete package for pen-testers. It’s free and open-source so you can just download it and follow these instructions to install Kali on your devices.​

For this series, I will use Kali Linux as a host operating system and Windows as a guest operating system. You can also use two different systems and connect them to the same network to perform tests.

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Install Kali Linux

Install Kali Linux From USB

​You can make a Kali Linux bootable USB and install it on your computer. I have already written a complete article on how to install Kali Linux from USB or CD/DVD. If you have any trouble, let me know in the comment section, I will help you. Or join our discord server for more help.

Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox

Oracle Virtualbox is a free and open-source virtual machine software. You can set up Virtualbox on your host operating system and install another guest operating system on top of it. To set up Kali Linux on Virtualbox, simply download Kali Linux .ova image from the Kali website.

Download Virtualbox images from the official website and double-click the file to start the setup.

Install Kali Linux on VMware

VMware workstation player is another virtual machine software available for personal and business use. It’s also cross-platform so you can install it on all major operating systems.

Install Kali Linux On Android Phone

You can also install Kali Linux on your android phone. Yeah! That’s possible. I have already written an article with the complete procedure on how to do it. Though we’ll be using Kali Linux on Virtualbox throughout this series.

So this was the first article on this series. I have already written articles on Kali Linux installation so there is no need to cover this topic in detail in this article. You can refer to linked articles for the complete guide.

Thanks for reading! As we have set up the operating system for pen-testing, in the next article we will start learning how we can perform some basic activities in Kali.

​If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below this article. I will try to be as responsive as I can.


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  • Sohail,
    Is there a DVD to purchase that will remove windows and replace with Kali or Ubuntu? I am not proficient with computers, but want to be rid of Microsoft products..
    Thank You

  • Oh boy you’re going to have a lot of fun with this… (sarcasm intended.)

    before I continue are you using a desktop or a laptop computer?

  • So, When is the next article coming? curious as to what you can teach me. I am a new user to linux and now completely obsessed with it. I am confused about a lot that I’m seeing, youtube videos, etc. im in the middle of a youtube video “learn linux from beginner to power user” but I explored with kali a bit on virtualbox. like I said, this stuff is confusing. I used to use certain programs on windows when I was a kid like the “sub7” program that was popular among kiddie hackers. but that was about the extent of my “hacker knowledge” I used a few keyloggers, etc. but i’m not learning this to be malicious I want to learn this because i am amazed by it and so want to learn how to manipulate computers.

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