What Is Server Side Rendering? Is It Still Useful?

The past few years have seen a hoard of new JavaScript frameworks taking over web development. Skills with Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Apps are the new things that every new developer wants on their resume. Most of the web services are migrating towards Client Side Rendering with JavaScript Continue Reading

Desktop Workspaces In Linux

Have you ever come across the term “desktop workspaces” around the Linux community? If you haven’t and are curious about what desktop workspaces are, then, you are at the right place reading this article 🙂 I’ll guide you on what workspaces are on Linux and how you can utilize them Continue Reading

How To Install Virtualbox In Arch Linux

In this guide, I will show you how to install VirtualBox in Arch Linux. Numerous aspects of this guide can also apply to any other Linux distribution. Since Arch Linux is the target platform, we will need to install certain dependencies if they’re not there already.

Linux Partition Management

​Making Linux partitions is one of the toughest tasks for new Linux users. In this article, I will cover various topics on Linux partitioning. I’ll use different Linux partition managers to list, create, resize, extend and delete Linux partitions.

Why Not Install Software Packages From The Internet

Hello, avid Linux readers! Someone from the Internet has told you not to execute random scripts you find on the Internet and now you’re reading why we shouldn’t install software packages from the Internet. Or more specifically, the aim of this article is why it’s wise to stick to distribution Continue Reading

Ways To Develop Windows Apps On Linux

​Have you ever had the desire to develop Windows software or test it on your Linux system? Maybe because it is the most popular OS or due to the fact that your schools and institutions deploy only Windows OS in computer laboratories.

Arch Linux – Customizing the System

Continuing from the previous guide, we will finish by fine-tuning the system to enable functionality comparable to other distros. After this tutorial, you will have a lot of the basic features you will find in a distro such as Fedora or Ubuntu.

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