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  • Plataro Master Icon Theme Install In Ubuntu 16.04

    plataro master icons for ubuntu

    Description: The Plataro SVG icon set consists of flat and colorful icons intended for use under KDE and LXQt. Plataro was made based on FaenzaFlattr, when the latter disappeared from Internet, but many of its icons are made based on nouveKDEGray, Oxygen and GNOME’s default icon set, with emphasis on clarity, colorfulness, and flatness.​Credit  –  TSUJANInstallation […]

  • Unity 8 Theme For Ubuntu Unity

    unity theme for ubuntu unity

    Description: Since Unity won’t be a reality (at least in the way many people saw it), enjoy its graphic design in the shape of a Unity, Cinnamon and GTK 3 theme (Gnome-Shell theme coming soon) Includes– Gtk3 theme as seen in the (rare) screenshots of unity showing various widgets– Unity 7 theme (for the rest of […]

  • Make Linux Look Like OSX With OSX Arc Collection

    osx theme for ubuntu linux

    Description: Arc-OSX-Icons has been released. It’s an icon theme to integrate seamlessly with the OSX-Arc theme collection it comes in two variants for the light & dark variants of the OSX-Arc theme collection, see my Github page for more details.​Credit  –  LINXGEM33Installation Instructions – How to Install this theme?License – ​​GPLv3

  • 10 Best Icon Themes For Linux

    10 best icon themes for linux

    One of the coolest things you can do to your Linux desktop is tweaking it to suit you. One key part of the tweaking process is to change your icon theme and you probably are going to want to do this as some distros ship some displeasing icon themes. Fortunately, the Linux community provides a […]

  • Top 5 Ubuntu Themes Of The Month

    ​Every month we select the top themes for Ubuntu. Many themes stay same and many change. Themes are one of the best ways to make our desktop beautiful and who doesn’t want to make his desktop beautiful? The themes mentioned below are paid and free too. Select as per your liking and install it right […]