Myths About Linux That Cause New Users To Run Away From Linux


Yes! You read right. While the world is realising the power of Linux, on the other hand there are also people who are often found debating in the communities like, Reddit about how bad Linux is due to several problems. Several issues that are raised are actually myths about Linux. So here is a try from LinuxAndUbuntu to cover and clear some of the most talked Linux myths.

​Why Are There Myths About Linux?


One might ask that why we are discussing this topic. Why only Linux myths are spread in the communities? Why not other operating systems? Doesn’t that mean that there are issues with Linux that’s why people are shouting about those? It’s simple to answer! There are always issues with all OSes, whether it be Windows, Mac or any other OS that exists. But the Linux issues has been same since it’s popularity began.

People started saying that Linux is hard to use, it’s only CLI and is only for power users. All these issues can easily be found in communities discussed by the other OSes’ users. How can one raise an issue that was resolved a way back in history?

People prejudice about Linux

According to me, people most of the time prejudge something about Linux without even using it. If they would have used it at least once, there could have been a different opinion. They listen from somebody and forwarded the issue without confirming its existence

​Some Myths About Linux

1. It’s Damn Too Hard To Use

1. Linux is too hard

This is the first thing comes in newbie mind when you try discussing Linux with him/her. Linux is hard to use! It is an obvious thing that has to happen with anyone whether trying out Linux for the first time or Mac or even Windows. I remember when I started using Windows 12 years ago. It was hard for me to even navigate through the operating system for accessing files & documents. Soon I got used to with it. I learned how Windows work and how we can install a new program or remove an existing one.

​The same goes with Linux. If you use other Operating systems then it’ll take some time to understand Linux. As Linux & Windows are two different technologies. There are interface differences, there are different package managers to install packages in the Linux distros, etc.

What one can do to quickly learn Linux is to find online courses. We have so many free & premium courses available online that can teach Linux quickly & on your own pace.

2. Linux Is CLI(Command Line Interface)

2. myth Linux is CLI

The second issue that is often raised that does not exist is that it’s CLI. Again, if somebody tries Linux for at least a week will know that this is a myth and not at all an issue.​Currently, we have so many types of Linux desktop environments. We have desktop environments for new Linux users, advanced users, users who want to customize their DE, users who want a simple & fast DE. For more information on Linux Desktop environments, I’ve written an article focusing on 5 of the popular Linux desktop environments. I’ve also written article on the Lightweight Desktop environments. All it shows is the developers’ hard to make Linux for everyone.

3. Linux Does Not Provide Lots Of Apps


Really? If someone really thinks that, I’m sure he/she has never touched Linux. Actually, there are thousands of Linux apps available alone in the Ubuntu default repositories. Other than Ubuntu, there are thousands of developers, third party services that provide Linux apps.​Most of the Linux apps are free and open source that means anyone can download the source code, customize it and create his own app using that code. This makes an app to survive in all the conditions. If the code developer drops the development, there are hundreds of developers to take on the development.

4. Linux Is For Power Users And For Servers only

linux is for power users

This is the myth that I find least online. Mostly I see people around me talking about Linux like it’s not for desktops but servers. I’ve discussed this many times with my friends, relatives, and neighbors. Today approximately every Linux distro provides versions for desktops and servers both. Some of them are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, CentOS and a lot more.

​We even have Linux distributions that are focused on new Desktop users such as, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Linux Lite, etc. So I suggest to use Linux for at least once and see the rapid Linux development for desktop users.

5. Linux Is Not Fun! No Games, No Entertainment!

5. myth linux is not fun

Some say Linux is boring. No support for HD gaming etc. But like all the above points, it’s also a myth. Linux gaming is improved a lot. We have Steam to play HD games in Linux, Wine and PlayOnLinux to play Windows games on Linux. The gaming drivers are available in case you need them.

linux for gaming

If you don’t want to mess up with the installation of all these gaming tools, platforms and drivers, we have got Linux distributions that only focus on gaming. These Linux distributions come pre-installed with gaming platforms, tools, and drivers. So just install them & start playing you favorite games with the power of Linux.​I recently wrote an article on the top Linux distributions for gaming. Read it for more information on Linux gaming distros.


some linux myths

In this article, I tried discussing a few of the myths that I often deal with in my online & offline life. I hope this article will help people understand that Linux is as easy to use as other OSes might be. It has got more power, security and of course, it’s fun to use Linux. Finally, don’t forget to share this article on your social pages & in communities to remove the myths about Linux.

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