Top Lightweight Linux Distributions 2019

Top Lightweight Linux Distributions

Hey friends! Today I am going to discuss the top lightweight Linux distros you can try this year on your computer. Although you got yourself a pretty Linux distro already but there is always something new to try in Linux. Remember I recommend to try this distros in virtualbox firstly or with the live boot before messing with your system. All distro that I will mention here will be new and somewhat differ from regular distros.

Top Lightweight Linux Distributions To Try In 2017


NuTyX is actually a french Linux distro which was slowly added multi-language support. It is based on the excellent Linux From Scratch books LFS and BLFS. It is small in size, powerful and feels awesome to use. It comes with its own package manager named cards. You can install any DE of your choice from its repo. It has got good customizations too.
NuTyX lightweight linux

The latest version is just 225MB, so you won’t feel the burden of downloading it.

Download NuTyX

OBRevenge OS

OBRevenge OS is another lightweight Linux distro which is based on arch Linux. Openbox window manager and Xfce panel make it more awesome. It also comes with live boot feature so you can freely test it. The size of the image file is 1.1GB and it can be downloaded easily from Sourceforge.

Download OBRevenge OS


Calculate is another on my list. It comes in several options to download and all are embedded with a different DE. From timeless to KDE many different DEs are available to download. It is easy for use at home, lightweight and serves the purpose. CDS, CLS & CLD are 3 different distinguished distros of the family. Try any you require and have fun.
calculate linux distributions

Linux Lite

A Ubuntu based distro, LTS support, low requirements, user-friendly what do we need more? Linux lite has always been one of my favourite distributions as I usually work with low requirements desktops. It is based on XFCE DE. It is really famous among the new users and is pretty stable.  I will recommend you guys to try it, fresh, free and fast Linux Lite rocks. There are also Linux Lite reviews on LinuxAndUbuntu that you can read for more information on the distro.
linux lite lightweight linux distributions

Download Linux Lite

Bodhi Linux

Again another distro based on Ubuntu, Bodhi Linux is one of a kind featuring desktop Moksha, which is none like another. Very minimalistic design but it is still very powerful. It offers high-level customizations same as any other normal distro would. It has been updated recently. Bodhi comes pre-installed with very few applications, but you can always install your favourite applications as it is based on Ubuntu. It offers very easy control and supports your day to day requirements. A must try.
bodhi linux lightweight distro

Download Bodhi Linux


Simplicity Linux is based on two famous Linux distros i.e. antiX and puppy. I found that many Linux users don’t know about it very much as they know puppy. Simplicity is really simple, lightweight and easy to use. Available in desktop and netbook version to download simplicity is still regularly updated despite that last version upgrade was last year. If you are willing something new, you can try this.
simplicity os linux distro

Download Simplicity OS


I will keep this list updated. I am keeping my eye on distros and I will keep mentioning which distros are new and must be tried this year. Also, there are many lightweight Linux distros too that I skipped here, you can find them here. Not all of them are light but are really the best.
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