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Tags And Sub-modules – Git Series Part 6

Tags And Sub modules Git Series Part 6

This is the final guide in the Git series. Here, we will be covering two more major features that Git has to offer: tags and sub-modules. If you have been following the previous guides, and other materials, you should have a…

Troubleshooting With Git – Git Series Part 3

Troubleshooting With Git

From time to time, you will encounter problems while using Git. The most common of these is a merge conflict. Fortunately, git will provide solutions to many problems for you. Sometimes, though, there are certain problems that do require the assistance…

Git Basics – Git Series Part 1

Git Basics Git Series Part 1

This series will explain the purpose of git, how to clone GitHub repository, GitLab repository, or otherwise. How to view the changelog and how to revert to an older version of the repository, add and remove files, commit changes, update remote…