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  • Best CMS For 2022

    Top CMS

    If you want to start your own website in 2022, there are many easy ways to do so with the help of one of these CMS, or content management systems. You must make an important decision when choosing a CMS. In this article, I will list the best CMS, from which you can choose the […]

  • How to use Google Drive on Linux

    How to use Google Drive

    Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage service, offering 15GB of free cloud storage. However, despite being such a popular cloud storage service, there is no official Google Drive client for Linux. There were even rumours that Google was planning to release an official Google Drive client for Linux, but nothing came to fruition. […]

  • Google VPN – A VPN For Google’s Premium Users

    Google VPN

    VPN applications have become one of the most important applications in this age of censorship and bad actors who are constantly looking for information on you. No matter what device you use, there is no shortage of VPNs in the app store. In this article, I will review a VPN service provided by the tech giant, […]

  • Kasm Workspaces – Stream Docker Containers Easily & Quickly

    Kasm Workspaces stream docker containers

    Kasm Workspaces is an intriguing platform for security and development aficionados. It is accessible by web browser and allows users to deploy container apps, including full-fledged Ubuntu desktops. In our daily lives, we must deal with a wide range of challenges that arise in our workplace. As an independent developer, I am concerned with designing […]

  • Desktop Environment Vs. Window Manager

    Desktop environment vs. Window manager

    Every new Linux user is likely to run across the question of what the difference is between a desktop environment and a window manager at some point in their learning process. I’ve been asked this question several times, and the answer isn’t always simple. It depends on the questioner’s previous knowledge and how well he […]

  • Best Self-hosted Email Clients

    Best self hosted email clients

    Self-hosted email clients are those that we can host on our own server or on our local network. The advantage of using a self-hosted email client is that it makes your email accounts accessible to any devices on a network. We can use these clients to not only integrate third-party email accounts, but also to […]

  • Mastering Linux Administration – Book Review

    Mastering Linux Administration

    People frequently inquire about the best ways to learn Linux. I’ve already done extensive research on the subject and written three articles on how to learn Linux online. Candidates that are serious about learning Linux can get started immediately by joining online communities or purchasing video courses. Books, on the other hand, have always been […]

  • Best Spotify Alternatives For Linux

    Best Spotify alternatives for Linux

    Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. A Spotify free account grants access to a massive catalogue of songs, podcasts, and internet radio. But, if you’re a big fan of open-source software like me, you’ll want to check out these free and premium Spotify alternatives for Linux. These Spotify alternatives not only give us […]

  • Top 8 Desktop Environments For Linux [2022]

    Top Desktop Environments For Linux

    Linux distributions come in various flavors. No matter if users are joining in from Windows, Mac, or any desktop operating system, Linux desktop environments make the onboarding process a lot easier. In this article, I will list the top 8 desktop environments for Linux that you can use in 2022. We often see new users […]

  • Best Email Clients For Linux [2022]

    Best email clients for Linux

    Most of us access our emails from the web browser. While web browsers may be a common way of accessing emails but not quick and efficient. Email clients for Linux easily sync email accounts with the system and notify users of any new email. Email clients can add multiple email accounts and keep users informed […]

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