5 Most Beautiful Linux Desktop Environments


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When it comes to choosing a Linux distro, one thing that influences the choices of many is the desktop environment that comes with the distros. As such, many distros provide variants with different desktop environments to cater for the specific needs of users. Some desktop environments are preferred because of their stability, or their familiarity and many others are popular because of their aesthetics. So today I present some 5 very beautiful desktop environments that you can choose from. So let’s take a look.  


budgie desktop environments

​Budgie Desktop is a desktop environment that was first started working on in 2013. The aim of Budgie is to provide a familiar, modern and functional experience whilst getting out of the user’s way. Budgie focuses on simplicity and elegance and it is designed with the modern user in mind. A feature-rich, luxurious desktop using the most modern technologies. Since its inception, the project has seen many enhancements and evolutions, as the developers seek to continuously enhance the experience to better suit the growing needs of users. If you are interested in Budgie, check out Solus desktop operating system on which Budgie is the default desktop. Budgie is also available on Ubuntu as a flavor with the Ubuntu-Budgie edition.  

Deepin Desktop Environment

deepin desktop environment

​DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) is the default desktop environment created for the Linux Deepin distribution. deepin is elegant, polished and easy to use. It is now available on some other Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Manjaro and Arch. With a pop-out side panel that allows you to configure all your system settings and personalization, a bottom dock, and some other enhancements Deepin desktop environment provides something different and refreshing that most users will enjoy.  

Gnome 3

gnome 3 desktop environment

​An easy and elegant way to use your computer, GNOME 3 is designed to put you in control and get things done. GNOME 3 has been created to make it easy to use. Overview is an easy way to access all basic tasks. A powerful search feature lets you access all your work from one place. Gnome 3 is the default on most Linux distros including Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian and many others.  

KDE Plasma 5

kde plasma 5 desktop environment

​Before all the other desktop environments on this list were, KDE (Plasma) was the de-facto choice when it came to beautiful Linux desktop environments. With a look and feel that is more or less very traditional, KDE’s Plasma 5 manages to feel as modern and beautiful looking desktop environment. KDE Plasma 5 provides an advanced graphical desktop with the user-friendly desktop experience, along with a variety of applications that fit in quite seamlessly. KDE’s Plasma 5 is not only beautiful but has been around for a long time so you get the added bonus of stability and support.  


pantheon desktop environment

Elementary OS shot to prominence right from release because of its beauty and aesthetics, and all this was from the Pantheon desktop that it shipped with. With a focus on simplicity and beauty, Pantheon resembles Apple’s MacOS X desktop in terms of appearance and user experience. Pantheon is designed with a dock at the bottom of the desktop and a panel at the top. Along with the Slingshot application launcher and its own Gala window manager, everything fits in perfectly with Pantheon making one beautiful experience. Even though Pantheon is available on a few other distros, go with elementary OS if you are interested in checking out this desktop environment.  


​So there you have it, 5 awesome looking and beautifully designed desktop environments. KDE has been around for a long time so you can expect stability and support. The others while new also focus on simplicity and getting out of the way so you can focus on your work. All the same, these are some of the most gorgeous desktop environments around. Thanks for reading and kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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