Aether Skies: A visual novel game


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Aether skies is a visual novel game available for all major desktop platforms on itch. The story revolves around a prince and princess’s journey. The game is still in the demo but has rich story content and may quite intrigue you with its story plot.

Install Aether skies On Linux

Head over to the game page.

Click the “Windows/Linux Aether Skies Demo Oct2018” button and hang around a bit while the game downloads. The file size is 218 MB

For itch users, you can directly install the game from within the itch app itself.

How to play

The most preferred method is click-to-play, where you can continue the conversation by just clicking on the screen. Otherwise, you could use the space-bar key to progress the game.

aether skies linux game

There are certain option-based answer scenes where you have to choose an answer, and depending on it, the game direction changes. For instance, you are given three options to respond during the gameplay when Reina hands over her hand to you. You can select the answer or option either through a mouse click or Numpad (since each option is numbered).

And in case you die… you can continue from the history, which might get to start tedious having to go through all the same conversations again. Luckily, you have the ability to skip conversations and jump directly to the options using the TAB key.

Chapter 1 demo

Aether Skies is still in the demo as of now. However, chapter 1 alone makes the game seems interesting overall.

aether skies story based linux game

You are chasing a crik for stealing a pendant from you seeking to retrieve it back. The crik runs inside the cave. Continuing your chasing by running into the cave without hesitating, you mysteriously fall through a wall and meet two strangers, Reina and Percival. Not knowing who they are and what they were doing inside the cave, you ask questions and learns more about the two characters.

Now to get out of the cave, you agree to follow them to lead you outside. You discover a strange environment inside the cave. Then the earthquake shook, and from the sludge, a creepy creature comes up and grabs hold of you somehow. Reina exclaims its name as Golem. After successfully letting go of the creature’s grips, you climb back up the robe to complete chapter 1.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Go check out the game and see how you end chapter 1. The game summarizes basic profile data after you complete the demo. Mine was “brash”. Let me know yours in the comment section below.