Best Linux Distros To Try In 2023


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Hey folks! Here is the new year 2023. As a new year comes we all are excited to know what is new in the world of Linux. Whether you are a newbie or a regular user we want to know which are the best and awesome distro for this year to have a new experience.

So here am I who is going to help you to see and choose the best Linux distros to try in 2023. My base of the selection of OS will depend on updates, stability, standout features so that my readers can get the best experience without any problem.

Best Linux Distros To Try In 2023

So, whether you are a first-time chooser or a regular user read this guide and grab the best Linux distro for your choice in 2023.

1. Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia”

linux mint 18.1 serena

So the best and 1st one you should definitely try (If you still haven’t) is Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia”. The reason behind Mint is on my list is that the work Team Mint is doing behind their OS. They are consistently improving and fixing what users don’t like, which is important and required. Their forums have got fantastic support as well as their OS. They primarily include all those apps which you will install after getting ant OS. VLC, LibreOffice, GIMP, and many more are already present in “Serena”. It is stable and fast. Overall if you are a newbie or a Linux fan you should definitely try it.  

2. Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”

ubuntu 19.04 disco dingo

None of the Linux distro lists is ever completed without Ubuntu. If you are a Mint user or a newbie to Linux I recommend you try Ubuntu at least once. Ubuntu is actually the base of most of the Linux distros available today. Powered with GNOME DE, Ubuntu receives new features that make it easy to use and more reliable than ever.

An app center that contains all those apps which you might think, web apps, Snappy apps, Normal apps can be installed with a single click. It has awesome support for all new or old drivers. Don’t be sad if you have a low configuration PC, Ubuntu is even available as Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and many more for old computers too. Go and download it now!


At the time of updating this article, Ubuntu 20.04 is availbale as beta. The stable release will come out later this month. Download beta images from here.

3. Remix OS (Discontinued)

Remix OS 3.0 Marshmallow

Well, the distro now I am going to recommend is Remix OS 3.O. Jide has managed to bring the best this time if you want android on your PC. Yes, you heard correctly. Remix OS is truly the best modern looking, polished Linux distro featuring Android. This version includes multiple windows, a new optimized notification panel, built-in play store(Installer more or less). This version is on Marshmallow 6.0. Overall, If you are a daily computer user I would recommend you to try Remix OS once. It won’t let you down believe me.  

4. Endless OS

endless os linux 3.0.5

Here it is Endless OS. Just as the name features, it is possibly endless in the number of apps it gives preinstalled. It has a very simple looking DE with a search bar and some apps. Don’t just go in its simplicity.

Endless OS is specifically designed for a simple look but powerful and mind-blowing features. You can search a whole encyclopedia with its search bar even offline. It also boasts to come with Microsoft Office, Wikipedia, and all other educational apps you can think of. VLC, Skype, Youtube, and many other apps make it stand out in the apps category. So, if you want a distro this year that has everything preinstalled GO for it now.

5. Solus

solus 2017.01.01

If you haven’t heard about Solus, then your experience with it must be wonderful. Solus believes in minimal design and comes with its own DE. Solus comes with minimal applications that you will want and doesn’t bloat PC. It runs enough well in 400mb RAM, so it can be run on old computers as well. The desktop is beautiful, the system is memory efficient, comes with an app manager to install apps. This is what you might want your system to definitely have. I recommend you to give it a try as it is one of it’s kind.

6. Ubuntu Studio 20.04

ubuntu studio 16.10

No! It is not just normal Ubuntu. It is Ubuntu Studio! What’s different? Everything. Ubuntu Studio is especially for those Linux users who want to stay up to date with all kinds of multimedia apps for day-to-day work.

Ubuntu Studio features almost all those tools that you will require to make a video awesome, look a picture magnificent, cut and edit audio like never before. This year guys at Ubuntu Studio had made Ubuntu Studio more awesome and powerful. A more stable, more powerful Ubuntu Studio is for you to try in 2023 so you can make any special person happy with your skills.

7. Antergos (Discontinued)

Antergos Linux

If you are a Linux user you might have heard about the famous Arch Linux, the distro which is based on the principle of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Antergos is based on Arch Linux and it comes with GNOME desktop. It is a well-based distro for those who wanted to try Arch Linux for a long time but never tried it due to its command-line interface.

Antergos is perfect for those who want a simple, minimal and powerful Linux. Due to based on Arch, it receives perfect updates and is rock stable. It also comes with Steam preloaded if you want to play games. I was really impressed by it and that’s why it is on my list.

Antergos update

Sadly, Antergos recently has been discontinued. It was one of my favorite Linux distros. 🙁

8. SteamOS

steamos for games

No matter what kind of user you are, we all are gamer at heart. We all love to enjoy games. But when switching to Linux you might be thinking that you can no longer play your favorite Windows games or those 3d games. Then stop! Here is the SteamOS that is a one-stop for gamers.

The team of steam is constantly upgrading SteamOS with a lot of effort so that you can play the best games without any worry or problems. You can purchase, download and install all kinds of steam-powered games at one click from the built-in Steam store. So this year let’s get ready for all kinds of games.​PS – I played CS: GO on it and it was awesome.

9. Porteus

porteus 3.2

Porteus is best known for its portability. You can carry Porteus in a Pendrive as it is very small as even less than 500MB or as per your creation (Mine was 150MB, just barebones). Porteus features famous apps like LibreOffice, Opera, 4 DE, and many more things so you can fully customize it as per your liking. It runs from RAM so plug-in loads Porteus and dispatches Pendrive. All changes go blank on shutdown and no one can know you even used that PC. You can even save your files in Porteus with a persistent file. Really without trying it, your 2023 experience is incomplete.

Final Words

Here we have reached the end of the list made by me. I have found that all of these were doing awesome at the end of 2019 so there are many expectations from this distro in 2023 too.

Overall if you want me to point out a specific distro for your everyday PC requirements then I will cast my vote for Linux Mint. It is complete, stable like rock, and the software manager has almost every app. I myself use it every day, even while writing this. So the Winner is Mint.

Want More? Well, the best Linux distros list is still not limited. Every day in the world of Linux there are new and better Linux Distros coming and all are distinct and amazing. You can keep checking LinuxandUbuntu so you can be aware of which is the new and awesome Linux. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be updated at no worry! You got any famous distro that should be here and I didn’t mention it, then comment it down below. Also, I am glad to hear about your experience with Linux. Come On let me know in the comment section below! ​

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