Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2023


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Programming is growing as one of the most sought-after professions, unlike olden times when software making was limited to just a handful of programming languages.

Today we have a large variety of choices when it comes to programming languages. With the cross-platform support growing, most programming languages can be used for multiple tasks. Here let us have a look at some programming languages that you might want to learn in 2023 if you have not already.  

Best programming languages to learn in 2023


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There is no denying about the fact that Python is ruling the market right now. Launched in 1991, python has become really famous after YouTube started using it. Python can be used in a variety of domains like Web-Development, Game Development, scripting, scientific research, and almost anything you imagine. It is cross-platform and runs on an interpreter. Python has a very simple syntax and since it uses indents instead of curly braces for grouping blocks of code, the code is extremely clean.

Example –

printf("Hello world!")   


kotlin programming language

While Java has been unbeaten since the beginning, Kotlin is here to break its run. At least in Android programming. Kotlin is a newer language that has officially been supported by Google for Android apps. It is a drop-in replacement for Java and seamlessly works with java code. The code is said to be drastically reduced and cleaned. The way it looks, Kotlin will totally be worth learning in 2023.

Example –

class Greeter(val name: String) {
fun greet() {
println("Hello, $name")
}String Interpolation to cut down ceremony.
fun main(args: Array) {


This is probably the first language that they teach in schools and colleges. C is one of the oldest languages which is still operational due to its speed of execution and simplicity in code. Though it has a steep learning curve, once you learn C or C#, you can do any language. You may not be able to use it for fancy websites or software, but C is the language of choice for embedded devices. With the IoT boom, C will be extensively in demand again. For C++, it is extensively used in some great software.

I suggest to follow this website for great tutorials on C and C#.

Example –

Int main()
printf("Hello world");
return 0;


php programming language

The Internet is going crazy about how PHP will die, but I do not see a single reason why you should not learn PHP. It is one of the finest server scripting languages with a very simple syntax structure. More than half the internet runs on PHP. WordPress, the most popular Content Management System is developed in PHP. Since this popular language has been there for over 20 years, it has an enormous collection of libraries. You will find one to get your job done.

Example –

echo "Hello world!";



What do I say about this? This is the most in-demand language right now. Javascript was primarily used on the web for making the pages more dynamic. But today JavaScript has evolved to become something that is a lot more. Entire front end frameworks are being built on JavaScript. Hybrid apps written in HTML+JS  are being built to run on any mobile platform. Javascript is even being used for server-side scripting with nodejs.

Example –

document.write("Hello world!");   


sql database

SQL is an RDBMS query language used to fetch data from databases. There are many implementations of SQL but more or less they are all similar. This article you are reading is also stored on our website’s database. So you know how important it is.

Example –



So these were some languages that will be really worth learning in 2023. I have not included languages like because they require you to learn their entire platform. Java has also not made to the list because a good number of developers are beginning to migrate to Kotlin.

All of the mentioned languages are high in demand and extremely popular. They also have great community support.

I hope you liked the article. Let me know your favorite programming languages thinking to learn in 2023.