BleachBit An Alternative To CCleaner On Linux


If you were using Windows in the past then probably you would have used CCleaner to analyze and delete junk files, temporary files and free up space by deleting recycled files. On Linux, we have a good alternative to CCleaner, BleachBit. BleachBit analyses and deletes junk files, temporary files, Browsers history, cache and free up disc space. Let’s take a look at some of its features and know how to install the latest BleachBit on Linux.

BleachBit is a free, open source and light-weight program to clean up system space and helps to maintain privacy by deleting sensitive data. It is easy to use BleachBit as it just takes one click in analyzing and deleting trash of your system. Although comparing with Windows Linux does not have that much trash to clean up but BleachBit does not only deletes system data but also other applications data like Web browsers and so on. Windows creates more junk than Linux so deleting through BleachBit on Linux does not take much time.

BleachBit does not automatically select the type of files to be deleted but you need to manually select the files to be deleted from the left sidebar. BleachBit informs you when you make a selection that requires much time, for example, deep scan the system for unimportant files.

In just one click you can analyze the size of unimportant files on the system. Click preview and scan will be started. After the scan is finished, there below in the right side data to be recovered, as highlighted below. BleachBit analysis includes all data that is to be deleted (according to BleachBit) but Linux system does not permit to delete all data. So when you click Clean BleachBit can only delete the data that the system allowed to delete. For example in left image data analyzed to be deleted is 1.05GB but the system allowed to delete 318.5MB data.

analyze junk temporary files in linux with bleachbit

delete or clean junk files to free space in linux with bleachbit

How To Install BleachBit On Linux

Installing BleachBit is easy. BleachBit is available in most of Linux distributions’ repository so you can simply install it from Software manager. Remember to check BleachBit version before you install. The latest version is 1.6 if you 1.6 in the system repository then install it. Otherwise for Latest version moves down this page to install.

  • Start Software Center from Dash or Start menu (if other Linux distros)

start software center to install bleachbit in linux

  • Search for BleachBit in search tool right in the above corner and install BleachBit.

install bleachbit in linux from software center manager

If you don’t have the latest version in system repository then you can download the .deb file from official website for latest version for any Linux distribution.
Open .deb file with the software manager and install it. Now enjoy using BleachBit and clean up system space. You can also tell how you clean Linux system to free up memory.


Phil C September 3, 2019 at 7:43 pm

Sohail, I am using Linux Mint 19.2 Tina on two systems and have been using Bleachbit, as root on both. It seems to work for the basics as far as I can tell. One facet I have not used is memory clean and just wondered if that function is safe to use. Also,when using the non root version, which I have also tried, I will always get error messages, this on both systems, one a laptop the other a desktop,again both running Mint 19.2. Thanks for your technical expertise, BTW, I LOVE Linux!!!!

razer August 24, 2020 at 2:06 am

sudo apt install bleachbit (simple command to install it on Linux/GNU)


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