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  • eDEX-UI – Coolest Linux Terminal

    eDEX UI interface

    Linux terminal may be the most boring application for new Linux users, but it’s undoubtedly beneficial. Once a user gets used to it, it’s more powerful than a GUI app. eDEX-UI, a fullscreen Linux terminal, system monitor, and network monitor, is the coolest terminal application I have ever used. eDEX-UI is inspired by sci-fi movies, […]

  • Vesta Control Panel – Simple Yet Powerful Control Panel For Linux

    Vesta control panel

    cPanel web hosting is easier to set up and manage. Users unfamiliar with Linux servers can easily maintain servers using cPanel, a GUI control panel for web servers. Buying shared hosting or managed web hosting can provide users a control panel. But both types of hostings have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read this article […]

  • aaPanel – An Open Source Alternative For cPanel

    aaPanel free open source control panel

    cPanel is the control panel for web hosting built by cPanel LTD. In the last article of the Linux cPanel series, I reviewed Virtualmin, a popular, free, and open-source control panel. aaPanel is also a free and open-source control panel for Linux. It’s easy to install & all the web hosting options are well-categorized for […]

  • grep Command – Linux Commands Guide

    grep command

    grep stands for Global Regular Expression Print. grep command is available in Unix/Linux-based operating systems. The full form of the tool suggests that it is used to search any text or expression in the given file(s). It is useful when you are searching for a line in a file that contains a specific keyword. grep […]

  • Virtualmin cPanel – Free & Open Source Web Hosting Panel

    virtualmin web hosting control panel

    Today we are starting a new series on Linux cPanels. Many of you would already have used cPanel on popular web hosting services like Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. In this series, I will cover web hosting panels for Linux servers. You can follow our social media pages to stay in touch for other articles in the […]

  • Color Picker Snap For Linux

    color picker snap for linux

    Color picker is another cool flatpak app, for developers and UI designers that need to experiment with colors. Most development software comes with their own color palette tool but some lack it. So this app is one way to generate customized color for your project during the development process. Install Color picker Open software center […]

  • tee Command In Linux – Linux Commands Guide

    Linux tee command

    ​Today, we are going to go over the Linux tee command. There isn’t much to this command so this guide will be brief. You will find some use for it at some point. Linux tee Command Usage and Examples tee command (as in a T-splitter in plumbing) takes content from standard input, displays it, and […]

  • Rsync – Best Tool To Sync Files Between Devices (Mainly Servers)

    rsync best tool sync files between devices

    rsync is a Linux CLI to copy or sync files between location A and B where location A and B can differ from network, host or device type. It is used at most by system admins to copy or move files through the network and even works on local files.   rsync uses a delta-transfer algorithm […]

  • How To Mount USB Drive In Linux

    how to mount usb drive in linux

    Mounting a USB drive is easy these days on most Linux distros. But you may encounter some weird quirky distros that demand your terminal knowledge for mounting a USB drive successfully without it doing the work for you. For instance, if you’ve tried installing a Linux server or Slackware for general purpose use or tried […]

  • Rclone – An Rsync Alternative To Sync File With Online Cloud Storage

    Rclone Rsync alternative to sync file with online cloud storage

    Backup and Sync are have become essential today and this brings tools like rsync. Rsync is an amazing tool to sync files between 2 computers. But wouldn’t it be cooler if we could sync files from a computer to cloud storage. This is where rclone – a mod of rsync comes in. Rclone can sync files […]

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