Clonezilla Live – Clone Your Hard Drive Easily

Clonezilla Live - Clone Your Hard Drive Easily

​We all of us have the hard disk that stores our heart pictures, videos, famous games, Eminem songs and many things. Most of all hard disk serves us a way to store orcreate a backup. But what are you going to do if just want the exact clone of your hard disks? How are you going to unhide all hidden files? What if your computer goes dead and you want to backup everything before going for hard way repair? This is time Clonezilla comes in the game.
​Clonezilla Live is a free disk imaging software, data recovery software designed by Steven Shiau and developed by theNCHC Free Software Labs in Taiwan.Clonezilla comes in two editions i.e. Live that can be booted via USB or DVD and Server that can be booted using a network. I am going to review the Live function as it is most commonly used by all. I will review Clonezilla here divided into sections.


​When I booted Clonezilla I thought that I would be introduced to a terminal based structure or heavily, poor organized GUI, But I was wrong. Clonezilla Live boots up and shows you this screen as below.
clonezilla live disk gui menu

I was pretty amazed as It was just like any other Linux distro. It was a full-fledged environment that it contains. I was using the latest version and it was really smooth and quick. Not only one option for graphics, Clonezilla provided me other screen resolutions too to boot.When I started to dig Clonezilla still maintained its GUI to a good level and it was all clutter free, well explained. Clonezilla really damned impressed me by its graphical options and management.

perform action after the task is completed

​Although I would like to mention that performance is dependent on both hardware and software. An awesome software and high-level hardware can certainly boost the performance of a task.Still, on my old Laptop powered by a dual-core i3 processor, Clonezilla performed as I thought it should. It copied my 150 GB partition easily within 15 mins in my external hard disk which I bought some months ago.

So more precise to say I was using two kinds of old and new technology together which took me such time. I guess if you are having a PC with good specs, time will be with you.

I forget to mention that it also asks you what to do after work is over.

encrypt clonezilla image and data

​I chose power off.


​Clonezilla offers you to encrypt your saved images or partition data files. All you have to choose is the option asked in the end that whether you want to encrypt the file or not.
encrypt saved images and data with clonezilla

​This is particularly useful if your data contain sensitive information. Also, it allows to check and fix any errors that may be with the file system.
fix disk errors

​This is all about the security and verification that a common man would want a software to do. Overall the security of Clonezilla impressed me.


Clonezilla more options and simplicity impressed me in many ways. Below are some of the screenshots of the options that you would certainly love to find in Clonezilla.
clonezilla features

choose user mode


​Overall, Clonezilla is really an awesome, easy and powerful software. I had never seen such an open-source software to be such easy while being so much powerful. At the end of the review, my overall impression on Clonezilla is that “An awesome combination of power, simplicity, and security”. I will say that if used in beginner mode any normal user can use Clonezilla without any guide and can create a successful clone of their hard disks.I would also like to hear your experience with Clonezilla. What do you think about it and how much you use it? Also, share in the comment section any other alternative that you use.

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