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Color picker is another cool flatpak app, for developers and UI designers that need to experiment with colors. Most development software comes with their own color palette tool but some lack it. So this app is one way to generate customized color for your project during the development process.

Install Color picker

Open software center and search “Color picker”, then load its installer screen and select Install button. Alternatively, you can use the below command to install Color picker:

sudo flatpak install flathub nl.hjdskes.gcolor3

Generate awesome colors for your project

generate color picker

There are three ways you can generate a color for your project:

  1. Using the wheel
  2. Using RGB input boxes
  3. Using Hex input box

The easiest and efficient way to experiment with random color is using the wheel where you select the appropriate color on the triangle or the outer ring. You can also drag the triangle along with the ring too.

RGB boxes are useful for fine-tuning your color choices. While Hex input box is best used for copying and pasting the color code to your project source code.

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Saving the colors

save color in color picker

This is one unique feature of Color picker, you can save your colors so you can reuse them later. To save your color, type in the color name on the top left of the title bar then click on the Save button next to it. Afterward, you can access the Saved colors tab to see all your saved list.​Color picker is a recommended tool if you need an external application for experimenting with your color choices before finalizing it in your project. Hope you enjoyed reading this article 🙂

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