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Deepin OS is one of the most modern-looking Linux distros. If you are a fan of sleek design and an easy-to-use distro, then get your hands on Deepin. It is also extremely easy to install. I am sure you’ll love it.

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The team has developed its own desktop environment based on Qt and also uses KDE plasma’s window manager, aka. dde-kwin. Deepin team has also developed 30 native applications for users to make day-to-day tasks easier to complete.

Some of the native deepin applications are — Deepin installer, Deepin file manager, Deepin system monitor, Deepin Store, Deepin screen recorder, Deepin cloud print, and so on… If you ever run out of options, do not forget thousands of open source applications are also available in the store.

The development of Deepin started in 2004 under the name ‘Hiwix’, and it’s been active since then. The distro’s name was changed multiple times, but the motto remained the same, provide a stable operating system that is easy to install and use.

The current version of Deepin OS 15.11 is based on Debian’s stable branch. It was released on 19 July 2019 with some great features and many improvements and bug fixes.

Cloud sync

The most notable feature in this release is Cloud sync. This feature is useful if you have multiple machines running Deepin or you have to reset your deepin installation more often than others. The distro will keep your system settings in sync with cloud storage as soon as you sign on. In case the installation is reset, users can quickly import the settings from the cloud.

This feature will sync all the system settings such as themes, sound settings, update settings, wallpaper, dock, power settings, etc.

Unfortunately, the cloud sync feature is only available for users with Deepin ID in mainland china. They are testing the feature and will be releasing it soon for the rest of the Deepin users.

Other user-friendly focused Linux distributions should develop this feature. The cloud sync is useful for new Linux users. They don’t have to set up everything from scratch if they mess things up with the current installation.


Deepin switched from dde-wm to dde-kwin in 15.10. ddep-kwin consumes less memory and provides a faster and better user experience. Deepin 15.11 brings more stability to dde-kwin.

Deepin Store

The deepin team has developed 30 native applications; among those is the Deepin store. It lets you easily browse and install applications from the distro repositories.

The new release ships with Deepin Store 5.3. The updated store app can now determine the user region based on Deepin ID’s location.

Another option has been added to the deepin file manager for burning files to CD/DVD. Though CD/DVD is the thing of the past, if somebody needs to burn data to it, it’s extremely easy to do it in Deepin.

To play media, the distro ships with the Deepin movie application, which now supports drag-n-drop load subtitle feature. Just drag the subtitle script and drop it on the player while the movie is playing.

Besides these new features, there are more improvements and bug fixes in Deepin 15.11. For people finding out a beautiful, feature-rich, and stable Linux distribution, Deepin can be the platform of your choice.

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