Encryptr Zero-Knowledge System Based Password Manager For Linux


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Encryptr is a free and open-source password manager built on a highly secure ‘Zero-Knowledge Crypton Framework.’ A zero-knowledge system prevents even the server from knowing what data is being sent and saved on the server by the user. With a simple and sleek user interface, Encryptr saves all of your passwords, credit card data, PINs, or access codes in the cloud. The tutorial below will walk you through installing Encryptr on Ubuntu or other Debian-based distributions.

The best feature of Encryptr that distinguishes it from other password managers or e-wallets is that it is built on the Zero-Knowledge Crypton framework. For those who are unfamiliar with the Zero-Knowledge Crypton Framework, here is a brief explanation.

What Is Zero-Knowledge Crypton Framework?

Zero-Knowledge‘ privacy means that the server is never able to view plaintext data; thus, the data is never compromised due to mismanagement, prying eyes, or external bodies seeking access. Crypton is a unique way to build applications because it makes it simple to store data with a server in a way that the server has no idea what that data is.

How Does It Work?

Working with it is similar to utilising a “Backend as a Service.” Crypton-based applications are entirely developed on the client, with the server serving only as a “dumb pipe” to store and retrieve data. The dumb pipe rule has some exceptions, such as requiring users to prove that they know an account’s password before receiving their encrypted keyring. These considerations, however, have been abstracted away, and application developers do not need to be concerned about them. Because it is such a nice system, there may be a problem if you forget your password because it was never sent to the server for security reasons.

Encryptr is cross-platform, so you don’t have to worry if you use other devices like Android, Windows tablets, or Mac OS X.

How To Install Encryptr In Ubuntu

Download .deb packages of Encryptr for Linux, based on your system architecture.

Once downloaded, open it with Software Center and Install it.

run encryptr password manager in linux  install encryptr from software manager in linux  

Run Encryptr when you have installed it.

encryptr password manager login screen

A very simple and sleek user interface like above will come up and now you need to create an account for your data to be saved on the cloud.

encryptr password manager registration screen for linux
  • Enter new Username and Passphrase and click Register.

You’re all done to create and save your first entry on the cloud. Click + ‘plus’ sign above in rigth corner and choose three of the one.

encryptr save credit card, general and passwords

Based on the category Credit Card, General and password, you will get the screen. If you click Password then you will get the following screen. Fill all of your information and click tick mark above in right corner.

Encryptr password manager create password entry save on cloud

Congratulation! You have successfully saved your first entry. With the Zero-Knowledge system, the entry will now be automatically saved to the cloud. Even the server that saves the entry has no idea what data it contains. Before you use Encryptr, there is one thing you should keep in mind. On its website, the crypto framework mentions – Although we have had two audits, Crypton has changed in the interim, and we are waiting to begin a supplementary audit on the most recent code. You use it at your own risk.