Games For Linux That Everyone Must Try Once


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We all love games. Games are the thing that makes us kids again and everyone must agree that they always play games whenever they get a chance to play. That is why today we are going to recommend your best 5 games for this month, that you must play at least once if you are on Linux.    

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These games are all famous, you will have heard about them somewhere if you are a regular Linux user or you might have played that too. Let the game list begin.  


Supertuxkart is one of the most famous games on the Linux platform that everyone is mad off. If you are an old Linux user you must have at least played it once. Although in first look newbies won’t feel attracted to it as it will seem to them nothing compared to NFS, Burnout, etc. but Supertuxkart has a fun approach. Play it once and you will become a fan of it just like me when I played it 2 years ago on Mint. Supertuxkart is available cross-platform. The team has submitted supertuxkart for steam approval (Steam has greenlit it), so soon it will be available on that too.

SuperTuxKart linux game


Who never heard about DOTA 2? This popular game that had intense graphics, fierce battles, amazing superheroes, and awesome magical journeys makes it a playable game for a lifetime. Those who haven’t ever played DOTA 2 must play it or their journey through best games on Linux is incomplete. I am a player in DOTA 2 and I played it many times, to help my friends in battles.

dota 2 linux fps game on steam

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Counter strike: Global Offensive

Who does not ever played counter strike in their childhood? I was the very first person to play counter strike 1.6 adrenaline when it was launched on Windows XP, but when I shift to ubuntu these games was left behind, but years ago due to steam introduction on Linux, you can finally play this FPS on Linux. Although it is a paid game but this game deserves to be paid. Seriously, team play, from grenades to time bombs, rocket launchers to pistol there is everything you will want in an FPS game that Counter strike: Global Offensive holds.

cargo linux game play on steam


Ever played Super Mario in your childhood? Wanna relive that moment again when you always came back from school and played super Mario for hours without stopping! Well, this is possible with supertux. Supertux is one of the most downloaded, best rated and most played every time game of Linux. Supertux is fully new yet featuring many similarities of super Mario. Here super Mario is replaced with supertux and the journey is the same.

supertux linux game
supertux linux game


One of the games where we can kick out someone online is what Divekick according to me. Divekick is a steam-powered game available for Linux in which you can fight through several real-world opponents and kick them. Divekick is one of the resemble of the Tekken, in which you can fight. Divekick is a must-play once in your Linux game journey according to me.

divekick game for linux


Here my list ends but game journey not. I will soon update more games which I am sure will be recommended by you. I want to listen to which game you play most on Linux and which games you don’t like. Well If you want my favorite then it is counter strike, I am waiting to hear yours. Comment and let me know now!