GNOME Pomodoro New Features


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GNOME Pomodoro is a time and focus management app which improves productivity and quality of work by balancing between work and rest time. If you want to learn more about this app, click here to read the article about it in detail. A new updated version of GNOME Pomodoro is released (v0.14). The program includes some new features worth mentioning: blurred background, a stats option, and last 10 seconds notification indicator.

What’s New In GNOME Pomodoro V0.14.0-1

Blurred background

gnome pomodoro blurred background

With blurred background, the user is assured he/she won’t be able to look through the timer and still get immersed in their work. Break time is break time. This new updated take-a-rest feature also forces us to get a mental headspace from work and moreover it just looks beautiful too.

New statistics

gnome pomodoro statistics

Users can now see the statistics about how much Pomodoro he/she has done during a working day. This is most useful in determining how productive he/she was and for accomplishing daily to-do list goals. Click on the app’s shell icon and you can access the stats option from the list.

Last 10 seconds notification indicator

pomodoro shows last 10 seconds notifications

It’s annoying when the Pomodoro time runs out and the computer locks us from working before we could secure some stuff that needs securing. This new update features a 10 seconds notification indicator so we can safely log out from sites (for instance online banking) that we don’t want intruders snooping in when we are out taking a nice calm and peaceful break.


Your distribution maintainers will soon roll out the newly updated GNOME Pomodoro timer, however, currently “testing” users and some cutting-edge Linux distros already have the app updated so you can try it out there too. Hope you are excited about it. Let me know what you think about the new GNOME Pomodoro updates in the comment section below.