How Linux Makes Life Easier


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This article is about how Linux simplifies various things from software installations, to secure repositories to an easy to use terminal. We divided the Making life easier with Linux article into three parts so that we could carter for three groups of computer users; A novice, a professional and a developer.

Making Life Easier With Linux (For Beginners)

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The founder of Linux, ‘Linus Torvalds’ created Linux because he did not like the rigidity of MS-DOS. His dissatisfaction with the existing operating systems at the time which were merely user-friendly and flexible motivated him to come up with a compact adaptive operating system.

The result was Linux and Linus made its source code available to programmers all over the world so that they could improve. Since then The Linux operating system has had a community that not only consists of well-trained engineers but also passionate hobbyists who find the task of coming up with distros or building the next Linux app quit fulfilling.

It is this very open source nature of Linux that makes it stand out from the rest of its peers. Although not in terms of market penetration but on the basis of usability and developer support. It is a very loose end question to ask the benefits of a Linux environment as to the importance of water to a community. Despite the weight to come up with an answer for this we still managed to come up with a satisfying answer based on several points.

Linux is free

Linux is free software. The fact that Linux is free software as well as it is a superior super strong operating system makes it more eligible for a revolutionary life changing product. The general public license gives individuals the right to acquire the software, make copies of it to even sell, modify or do whatever they may with it at no given cost.

Linux is flexible

Linux can run on any platform or hardware. The wider range of hardware that a Linux version can run on makes it suitable for multiple projects. These platforms range from Mainframes and mainframes, supercomputers, workstations, handheld devices, wrist watches, desktops and notebooks, game consoles and even artificial intelligence products.

linux torvalds creator of linux kernel

Linux is stable

Linux users will often tell you that Linux is a Robust and scalable operating system. Simply is that Linux is Stable enough to deal with errors which mostly may even not happen. This stability makes it stand-out fro crashes and low processing speed.

Having hinted at the above points it is now worthwhile to offer you some inclusive briefs on how Linux really simplifies things. These are functionalities that probably no other operating system will offer apart from Linux. Let us take a look at them.

Software repositories

In Linux software comes from the repository and not from CDs or Download sites. This makes it easier and productive to find new or update software. While downloading software from the internet especially downloads sites we lack the assurance that the software will install correctly. There are no means to verify or validate the execution files that we acquire from download sites. Which brings the threat of malware to our system. A repository ensures safe and easy installation of software and Linux provides an easy way to install your software through commands on the terminal. Instead of visiting the repository online.

Root login

In Linux, the user normally logs in as a regular user. Despite the fact that the regular user has administration rights as a system’s root. Unlike in Windows, the user here can only gain access to root privileges whenever there is need through a password prompt. This saves your system from malware and Viruses that one is likely to allow while with admin rights when logged in to a different type of operating system.

Non-availability of a Registry

In Linux, you will find the systemwide-configuration files in the abc/directory. User-specific configuration files will typically be located in hidden directories in the home folder. This ensures that in case of one file getting damaged only the function associated with the damaged file stops while the rest continues. Therefore the chances of failure of system configurations are minimal.

From the details given about Linux and given that many people are opting for Linux today the use of the operating system gets easier day by day given the entire body of support that one is likely to get in form of numerous tutorials, user-guides, and useful articles. The Linux world will be simple like never before.