How To Change Boot Order/Set Default Boot OS In Ubuntu & Linux Mint Or Other Derivatives


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If you are dual booting then probably you have suffered through a problem of booting into the wrong OS or secondary OS because it’s on top of grub menu. Recently somebody asked this to me that How can he boot into his primary OS by default. So I thought to write a tutorial. If you want to boot into your preferred OS without always pressing ‘down arrow key‘ when you turn on your computer then read further for the solution. Let’s go ahead!

YouNex asked me yesterday that how can he boot his primary OS automatically unless he wants to boot his secondary OS. Well, this simply means everything should be the same, but the primary OS should be on top so that grub boots the top (selected by default) after some seconds.

In his case, he was using Ubuntu as primary OS and Windows as a secondary OS.So now all we need to do is that we need to change the grub menu order and take the primary OS on top of others. I did face this problem when I triple boot Ubuntu 15.04, Windows, and ChelvetOS. ChelvetOS was on top but I was using Ubuntu as a primary OS. Whenever I missed arrowing down to Ubuntu, It boots ChelvetOS which is frustrating. And here is how I solved this problem.

Change Grub Menu Boot Order In Ubuntu, Linux Mint Or Other Derivatives

You can install the grub-customizer tool in Ubuntu to customize grub menu. Add the following PPA from the terminal, update local repositories, and install grub customizer.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

How To Use Grub Customizer In Linux

launch grub customizer in ubuntu linux

Grub Customizer is a small tool and once installation finished, launch it from the menu or dash. This needs the password to start. Type password and there you go!

change grub boot order in ubuntu linux

Now the following window will come up. Notice all the entries of the boot menu. We want to change the order of the entries. Select the entry that you want to take up or down then press ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ arrows from the tool menu. It’s simple. Isn’t it? Now once you’ve done customizing grub menu, don’t forget to save settings.  

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