How To Do CentOS Minimal Install?


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CentOS 7 is a Linux distribution targeted for enterprise use and is kind of like the free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can grab a copy of it from the official website. I’m gonna write specifically about installing the CentOS minimal edition.  

Download CentOS Minimal

You can get the CentOS Minimal iso from the download page.

CentOS Minimal Installation

After you get ISO, follow these steps and you’ll get it up and running in no time.

  • First, create a bootable USB or DVD from the ISO you downloaded. It’s an easy task to do in both Windows and Linux. You can follow the steps here if you don’t know how
  • After you’re done restart your computer with the USB drive inserted. It should detect it automatically and if not then access the Boot Menu when the computer starts and select it from there.
  • After the bootloaders loads, you’ll be greeted with the above screen. There select “Install CentOS Linux 7” and press Enter.​
centos minimal boot menu
  • Wait a bit for the Installation Window to load. On the first page, you need to select your preferred language and then click on Continue.​
centos 7 install language
  • Based on your preferred language Date & Time, Keyboard layout and Language Support are selected automatically but you can change them if you want.​
centos 7 select date and time
  • You need to recheck in order to begin the installation. Just click Done twice after checking all options are how you want them to be.​
centos 7 create partitions
  • After checking all the options click on Begin Installation. While the OS is being installed you need to provide a root password and create a new user by click on the respective icons.​
centos 7 set root password
  • When the installation completes you need to click on Reboot to finish the installation and boot into the OS.​
centos 7 username setup
centos 7 login screen


Your new CentOS machine is up and running if you’ve followed the above steps carefully(hopefully).  Personally, I don’t think CentOS is suitable as your main desktop for personal use but if you want it all the same, then get it installed. If you’ve any problem while installing it or have any other query/suggestion related to this article, please mention in the comments below.     Also Read – 10 Things To Do After Installing CentoS

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