How to Install and Run TeamViewer on Manjaro: A Step-by-Step Guide


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TeamViewer is a popular tool for allowing remote access to any computer from anywhere in the World. It is a cross-platform application available for free for personal use. In this article, I will show you how to download and install TeamViewer on Manjaro Linux using different methods.

TeamViewer is an easy to use tool and is best used for online tech support. The application can easily be installed on debian-based distributions but it’s a little tricky to get it installed on Arch-based distros such as Manjaro Linux. So in this article, we will install TeamViewer on Manjaro using two methods.

Install TeamViewer Latest Version on Manjaro Linux

Usually the easiest way to install and use TeamViewer on Manjaro is by downloading the .tar.gz file from its official website and run it. But, recently I have had some issues resolving dependencies when installing it using the .tar.gz package. So I tried to install from AUR using yay.

Make sure yay is installed.

sudo pacman -S yay

Update the repositories –

sudo pacman -Syu

Install TeamViewer –

sudo yay -S teamviewer

yay will download and compile all the dependencies required for the TeamViewer automatically. During the installation, you’ll be prompted to confirm the dependencies installation, you can proceed by allowing it. If yay does not throw any error, you should have TeamViewer installed. You can launch it either by using teamviewer command from the terminal or launch it from app menu.


You may see the following error that prompts to run TeamViewer daemon.

TeamViewer daemon error
TeamViewer daemon error

Fix it by running the following command and relaunch TeamViewer –

sudo teamviewer --daemon start

Download & Install TeamViewer using .tar.gz package

You can also download TeamViewer executable archive from the official repository. As I mentioned above that it may run into errors when installing dependencies. If you also run into issues, I suggest you install it using the first method.

After downloading .tar.gz file, extract the content and cd into the directory from terminal. There should be a file named tv-setup. Run the file as root with the install option.

sudo ./tv-setup install

If it downloads and setup all the required dependencies successfully, you should be able to see TeamViewer in the app menu.

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