[How To] Install Intel Graphics In Ubuntu 15.04 Or Derivatives Linux OS


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Intel Graphics Installer is a small and undoubtedly useful tool for installing or updating Intel graphics to get the best user experience with the Intel hardware. Intel has just released Graphics installer for Ubuntu 15.04, so now you can easily install/update Intel graphics in Intel hardware. Let’s see how we can do that.

Intel Graphics Installer

Intel Graphics Installer is a small tool but this updates your graphics easily. Earlier I was using it on Ubuntu 14.04 (I guess) but then when I turned to 14.10 then there was not any support for 14.10. So I missed this tool a lot. After Ubuntu 15.04 release, I updated from 14.10 and found for a long time that there is not support for Vivid also 🙁 . But finally there is support for Vivid Vervet. I’m happy now:). It is very easy to install and use Intel graphics installer in Vivid Vervet.

How To Install Intel Graphic Installer In Ubuntu

Simply go to the below link to download the .deb file from the official site.



Download for your Ubuntu 15.04, 64-bit or 32-bit. That’s a very small .deb file. Once the download finishes, open it either with the software center or gdebi and click install.

When the installation finishes run it from Ubuntu dash. You’ll get a simple setup wizard like window. Click ‘Begin’ and setup will start finding your hardware configurations.

Intel graphics installer scanning hardware

After the wizard finishes scanning your hardware, click install and all the available graphics for your graphics card will be downloaded and installed in the next step.

intel graphics installer upgrading grahpics

This will take some time depending on your graphics card. And then congratulation you’ve installed/updated graphics for your Intel.

intel graphics installer successfully upgraded graphics in ubuntu