Kali Linux Released For Raspberry Pi

Last month, June Raspberry Pi foundation released RPi 4 with more memory options and useful features. Recently Kali Linux announced the release of its Kali Linux images for Raspberry Pi.

Recently, Kali Linux tweeted the news of releasing the pentesting distro for RPi and got a good response from its followers.

Kali Linux is the most popular penetration testing operating system. It has a ton of tools to test systems against vulnerabilities. Kali Linux is also one of the most flexible operating systems that can be installed on various devices. I wrote an article on how one can install & use Kali Linux on smartphones.

On the other hand, Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized device that can now run resource-intensive attacks with Kali Linux even better on its 4GB option. Raspberry Pi 4 also supports two 4K monitors through two Type-D HDMI ports and a Type-C power connector to provide more power for your more power-intensive attacks.

Download Kali Linux For Raspberry Pi

Kali Linux 32-bit and 64-bit downloadable images are available from the official website.


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  • I’ve tried it for 24hrs now, most functions are available, the main issues I’ve discovered are as follows.
    #. Web Video Steaming seems to be running at triple speed with no option to slow them down so YouTube and sites of that ilk are virtually unusable. This may be something to be fixed in later updates.
    #. You are logged in as root from the get-go so be aware of possibly screwing up your system if you make a newby mistake.
    #. You may need to fiddle with WiFi settings if you can’t connect straight away.
    #. The desktop isn’t pre-populated with any setup so be prepared for some desktop building
    #. It also appears that no HDMI sound is available either, May require some config fiddling to get up and running.
    Other then that…. brilliant, works well and good screen resolution and works on 2.4amp power.

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