Klavaro A Simple But Great Typing Tutor For Linux


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Klavaro is a free and easy to use typing tutor for Linux operating system. Though it is also available for Windows OS we’re not talking about that. Klavaro is a very simple typing tutor without lots of bells & whistles in the interface. Let’s see some of its features and know how we can install & use it in Linux. So let’s get started!

​Klavaro Typing Tutor A Free & Open source Typing Master for Linux

Klavaro is simple but is very useful for one who wants to focus on typing speed and accuracy. There are many other typing tutors available with more attractive interfaces but Klavaro’s interface is not so attractive but still is one of the best Linux typing tutors.

​Klavaro Features At A Glance

Easy to use interface

One of the best features of Klavaro is its simplicity. We mainly want our children or students focus on typing speed & accuracy not how the apps’ interface looks. So it’s easier with this typing tutor to focus on more important things i.e. Typing accuracy.

klavaro typing tutor

Basic Typing Course With Voice Instructions

With basic typing courses, a new user can quickly set fingers on the keyboard. The basic courses are set in a way that you will find it very easy to learn to type. If you stuck somewhere, the app quickly tells you which finger’s button to press. I found these voice instructions helpful & important to master numbers & symbols.

basic typing lessons

Focus On Accuracy

Once your hands are set on the keyboard, it’s time to focus on accuracy. In starting, as a newbie you’ll find it hard to type correct letters but as you move on, Klavaro will put courses to improve your accuracy.

klavaro typing tutor improve accuracy

Focus On Speed

Finally, with Klavaro, you need to focus on your typing speed. It’s very important that you type correctly & fastly. Actually, it’s all one wants to accomplish :). Now it’s your time to start with this easy to use and simple typing tutor.

klavaro focus on speed
klavaro focus on speed

More Typing Lessons For Better Results

It’s not done yet. The more you practice, the better you become. There are more typing lessons in the app that you can practice in your free time and improve your typing. Later on, you can use any typing master to just get new lessons or why not just type whatever you think. It’s interesting & fun! Try out.

How To Install Klavaro Typing Tutor In Linux

Klavaro is already available in all major Linux distributions’ repositories. You can use your distros package manager to install it.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install klavaro


To master typing, the most important point is to focus on typing rather than other things. This app will help you focus on your typing. I’m sure there are so many other good typing masters, let me know in the comments section below which one is your favorite. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on our social pages. ​