Mega 50GB Free Cloud Storage Plus Linux Client


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​Hi Guys, Today I wanna talk about a storage service that I have been using for a couple of months and I am pretty satisfied so I thought of sharing my experience with you guys. It’s a Mega cloud storage that provides 50GB data for free and an official Linux client. Here is all that I have to say after using Mega in my Ubuntu Linux.

Mega Storage

I was using OneDrive before and I had a 15GB of space but suddenly the Microsoft changed the policy and now I have only 5GB online storage space. I thought to switch to Google drive but came to know that it does not provide an official Linux client. So I was searching for another online storage option and I came across MEGA. This service was started on January 19, 2013. Mega drive has more than 40 million users and it provides service in more than 245 countries. It is not a very old company, it has been only 3 years and I am surprised because they are providing awesome services.

Online Storage Spec

Since other online services provide a very small space for starters but Mega gives you up to 50GB space that you can use to store all types of files such as music videos, songs, pictures, and documents. If you can pay then you can take up to 4TB online Storage.  From that perspective, MEGA Drive is a blessing.

The reason I like it so much because they also provide Client software for Linux operating systems. I am a Linux user and I can not ask for more if someone can provide me a client software for the service.

Password Recovery Feature

Talking about security of the account, be sure that you do not forget your password for Mega Drive because they do not provide service for resetting the password without loosing the data. You will be able to create a new account under same email address but you will loose your data.

If you will try to reset the password, this is the message you will get.
To stay away from this problem, you can export the recovery key first. You need to click on Menu which will be available on top right side corner of the screen and then you will be taken to a page which is shown underneath.

Download & Install Mega Storage Client On Linux

You can click on Backup recovery key as shown in the picture and it will provide you with a recovery key. You can save the file or make a note of the key. Please please please save it at a place where you can access it anytime because this is super important if you love your data which is saved on Mega drive. In case you lose your password then you need this recovery key, you need to click on forget password button and it will ask you if you have the recovery key. If you choose yes you will be asked to provide your email address which is registered with Mega. Once you gave email address they will send you an email where you will be asked to click on unlock button and then provide recovery key, If you give recovery key correctly you will be asked to enter the new password and in case you do not provide correct recovery free, I am afraid to say you can not access your data.

I know using this storage service is a little bit complicated but learning this recovery method is worth because you get 50GB of storage.

Hope this help. Have a good one guys, take care.