Midnightmare Teddy - A Shooter Game For Linux


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Another game review today. It’s Midnightmare Teddy! Available on flathub for all versions of Linux is a casual lightweight shooter game for kids and families. The game is cute and centers around a teddy who might be having a nightmare dreaming. You must help teddy get rid of all those evil toys or they kill you.​

System requirements

Decent modern hardware is recommended. Dedicated GPUs are not required and run fine on Intel i3 processor alone. The maintainers didn’t provide the app’s official website (maybe there isn’t one) so the above requirement is just a rough guess made on top of my head after I tried it on my low-specs work notebook computer.

Install Midnightmare Teddy

You can search for Midnightmare Teddy on your Software center app and install it or use the command below on your favorite terminal program to install the game:

sudo flatpak install flathub com.endlessnetwork.MidnightmareTeddy

Survival Gameplay

midnightmare teddy survival game

All you have to do is use your mouse to aim and shoot the evil teddy with left click. There’s no cross-hair so it’s hard to figure out if we are actually aiming the enemy or not. There are ten bullets in total plus the gun takes time to reload. Make sure to run around while reloading your gun. The game progresses in waves and gameplay gets harder and harder as you keep progressing. What’s interesting is the higher wave you reach the better chance of scoring a high score.

​Small toys can be killed after two or three shots but the boss; an elephant toy need more bullets before it can be killed. Similarly, smaller toys kill you slowly while the boss kills you faster.

Math Gameplay

math gameway linux

Midnightmare Teddy can be educational for kids learning math. However fast response time is required if you are choosing a more difficult math operation. The advantage for this gameplay is you don’t have to aim or reload your gun, unlike survival gameplay.​You can choose either single math operation (+ or -) or a pair (both + and -) for math gameplay. Same applies for multiplication and division too.


Midnightmare Teddy is a fun casual game for killing time and challenging high scores with younger siblings or kids 😉 Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Why not try out the game yourself? Go ahead, install Midnightmare Teddy and let me know what you liked about this game in the comment section below.