Nylas N1 - A Premium Email Client For Linux


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One of the things that are quite essential in life is reliable email, and as such one needs to get a fast, stable, feature-rich email client that is both easy to use and intuitive in functionality, Nylas N1.

There are a number of email clients available to the normal consumer but the high end ones normally require one to cough up large amounts of cash for the functionality that can now be acquired free using the new Nylas email client.

Initially I had just been using Microsoft outlook as it comes bundled within every Microsoft operating system by default, but why settle for mediocrity? I vowed to enjoy my new computer by installing on it only the best available software out there and in this way, I got to discover Nylas N1 through a friend of mine.

The nylas website is quite easy to navigate and downloading the nylas installer is quite a joy, it doesn’t present a problem even to noobies (novice computer users)
. The download link is easily accessible from the home page and once downloaded, the installation process is quite painless, this I discovered first hand and was able to have it up and running in less than ten minutes.

​The previously sought after open-source Sparrow client unfortunately got discontinued a while after it was acquired by Google. This was the go to option especially because of a very sweet twitter inspired interface that was easy to use and had a quite quick reply turn around.I got lost after that and reverted to the mundane Microsoft outlook until the recent introduction to Nylas.
Some of its pros include compatibility, customization and a very clean interface.At first you will be quite impressed by its aesthetics but after using it for a while you will come to discover its awesome functionality and wonder how you ever coped without it before.
Apart from the Nylas development team other users can contribute development suggestions and code to make N1 better. As a full open-source project, the community can offer endless feature requests and issues (as well as tinker with the code directly), but more than that, N1 is designed to be modified. Much like Google’s Chrome browser changed the way we surf with a variety of extensions and plug-ins, N1 can be extended and customized to your heart’s content, provided you know your way around JavaScript. And if you don’t, you can install someone else’s plug-in. There aren’t too many available yet, though I found a couple that was quite useful. And since N1 also supports themes, I was even able to give it a Mailbox-type look with Tiaga.

At the time of publishing N1 was not in the perfected state yet there are some features still in development one being a unified inbox, formatting is a bit cumbersome, iCloud messages handling is not as good as it could be. This though is an email client that puts adaptability and design in equal emphasis. My affinity for Sparrow and Mailbox was always because we had not gotten a better option, also with N1 there is repect for users needs and wishes and a willingness to adapt to users feature requests. what more could we ask for?

How To Download & Install Nylas N1 In Ubuntu/Derivatives Distros

You can download the .deb file from the official website and install it using gdebi or software center.


With an open-source orientation and extensibility in mind, N1 might be the last email client we could ask for. N1 is here to stay and we expect big things in the near future.