Oceanaudio An Audio Editor For Linux


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Audios are an integral part of life. Playing our best songs, having a party or a special function, we require audio everywhere. That is why audio editors are there too to help us make the best of an audio file. When I say audio editor, many of you will just think of audacity. Sure that is a pretty cool software but I think it’s a bit complicated for the inexperienced one.  

That is why today we are going to cover one of a famous audio editor named “Ocenaudio”. Ocenaudio is free to use while being simple and powerful. No more talking now, back to work.  

Downloading Ocenaudio

​Just visit the homepage of Ocenaudio and it will show the version that is compatible with your PC. I used the .deb installer as I am on Linux Mint 18.2.

download oceanaudio in linux


Download and install the package. After installation, you will be able to launch it via the Menu or App Drawer.  

Editing The Audio files

As I thought, Ocenaudio was very easy to use. Like every time I quickly opened it and chose one of my song to edit.

run oceanaudio audio editor in linux mint

  Above is the main screen that you encounter after you open ocenaudio for the first time. Open your desired audio file by choosing Open from the File menu.

edit audio in linux

  As you choose your audio file, you will get a cool looking display allowing you to easily choose the length of the audio you want to perform edit work upon.Simply choose the part with your mouse if you want to cut, copy or paste (available via right-click menu after selection). In case you want to perform some more advanced functions that are too available in edit and other available menus.

You can change the spectrum view to other formats using view menu. For me, spectrum view worked best. You can generate advance effects using the effects or control menu. However, a simple user might not need them.

If you just simply want to mix audio for a party, cut out something or add something, simply stick with basics and you are good to go.


​A quick look at various parts of ocenaudio that might be interesting to you.

  Above pic indicates selection of audio part to edit.

  The best feature I loved, tag editor. I can easily view stats, details and edit them if I don’t like them (exclude stats). I enjoy chasing artwork to best picture I love usually.

  You can change the preferences of sound as you want. Control ocenaudio as you like. From edit > preferences.  


I certainly feel most times that audacity and other editors in the market that are on top and fulfill every requirement of audio editing are a bit difficult for a new person to use without using guides and searching the internet. Ocenaudio fills that gap. Even an inexperienced person can easily use Ocenaudio and get his job done.I will certainly recommend Ocenaudio in case you got your parents, younger siblings who can’t handle the complicated software. Really it is easy, powerful and simple. You are sure to like it.