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I’m going to try something a bit different today and write about is a website that provides free gaming. Yes, That’s correct. Website offering free games.

The website has over 2,000 different free and interesting online games that may be accessed directly from the browser. The website is jam-packed with web browser-enabled games; there are no fancy applications to download, no need to use up your phone’s memory, and best of all, no money is necessary to proceed with the games. All of the games are free and full-length, making them appropriate for both children and adults. 

You may play on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone., interestingly, runs on the WordPress platform. Lightweight JavaScript web apps are used to create games.

The idea behind this site was that since so many people were locked at home during rolling lockdowns, we might bring some pleasure into their life. The website has only been online since January 2021. You’ll be surprised to know that the website does not include endless advertisements or monitoring software. Its only objective is to deliver games to enthusiastic players.

Many gaming companies, such as Roblox, Unity, and Applovin, have gone public in recent years, with valuations in the tens of billions of dollars. This website aims to be the polar opposite of such kinds of trends.

  • There are no status symbols or paid upgrades.
  • Simple games that are enjoyable but do not aim to alter your identity or create addictive loops
  • You can dip in and out of casual games, and many of them are quick to beat.
  • There is no need to download apps to play.
  • There is no requirement to register or create a user account.

Games on already contains some excellent games. The website proprietors are continually adding new games, and the website is developing on a daily basis. Each game takes about 30-60 seconds to load, but after you’ve played it, it should be cached in your web browser for a while, making subsequent plays considerably faster.

Here are some of my favorite games on

Zombie Typing Practice Game for Kids

This is a typing game for youngsters in which they may improve their typing speed by shooting oncoming zombies with words at their feet.

Zombie typing practice game
Zombie typing practice game

Batman Gotham City Speed Game: LEGO Collecting Game

This is a basic driving and flying game in which you drive the Batmobile while collecting LEGO studs and battling off Batman foes.

Batman gotham city speed game
Batman gotham city speed game

Toon Cup 2020: Cartoon Soccer Game for Kids

This is a four-on-four cartoon soccer game in which players choose team members from a number of popular cartoon series. The computer controls goalie play, while players can control any of the remaining three players, with the computer usually assigning them to control the player closest to the ball.

Toon cup
Toon cup

Mafia Billiard Tricks: Online 8 Ball Pool Adventure Game

You take on the role of Gino Pullano, a young up-and-coming pool player who grew up on the gritty city streets. You walk into a little business and ask if you may learn a thing or two about pool from the Family. Learn the ropes from Cousin Vinnie and his pals, then challenge them to a friendly game of 8-ball.

Mafia Billiard Tricks
Mafia Billiard Tricks

Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation Game

This is an air traffic control tower simulation game in which players assist planes and helicopters in landing without crashing.

Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation
Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation


I admire the domain owner’s approach of giving free games for the sake of fun rather than profit. There’s so much variety, and I like the idea of free gaming: no add-ons, no demonstrations, just full-fledged free gaming. The website is expanding all the time. Something new to play is constantly available. is also perfect for parents because games cannot be charged to credit cards and there are many educational games available. The best part is that these games are appropriate for people of all ages.

Visit the website to see for yourself.