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The free time of summer vacations for many is an ideal time to start a more complex or long project which is associated with some of their passions. If Raspberry Pi is among your interests and you want to reinforce your productivity, we propose 12 projects for a Raspberry Pi to do this summer.

Raspberry Pi Series

If you are on this page, it is most likely that you are well aware of Raspberry Pi but if not, do not worry. We have covered Raspberry Pi in a series. So do check it out.

1. A bartender who does not get tired

Up to 6 types of ingredients or drinks can be mixed at the same time with this automated bartender, selecting the drink that we want, is responsible for preparing it directly and effortlessly.

More information | Hackster

2. Home photomaton

A classic project for Raspberry Pi is the personalized and homemade photo booth. For all types of events and at a low cost. The quality of the photos will not be very good, because the camera is used for the Raspberry Pi, but includes everything else: countdown and effects if we want.

More information | Hackster

3. Know the value of your Magic: The Gathering cards

With Raspberry Pi, the limits are set by your imagination. As if we could not propose a project to build ourselves, with the help of LEGO pieces to facilitate the task, an automated system to review all our Magic: The Gathering cards, recognize them and look for information on their market price. Fantastic.

More information | Rpi

4. Weather station

Completely homemade. This is the weather station that you can build with the help of different sensors, which you can include in your station, and a Raspberry Pi. With it and the appropriate programming, we get a station that stores the measured data in an exportable format, that generates graphs/statistics and even, if we add a camera for RPi, we can take a picture every minute to create a fantastic Time Lapse of our changing environment.

raspberry pi weather station

More information | Instructables

5. New email notifier

The “hat” for Raspberry Pi is an economical and easy way to add via GPIO more functionalities to our minicomputer. With one of the most versatile, the sensors (costs 38 euros), we can take advantage of its LED matrix to create a system that notifies us visually the arrival of a new email to our mailbox, even with the help of personalized rules.

raspberry pi email notifier

More information | PiMylifeUp

6. Your own device with Alexa

2019 has been characterized by the landing of different virtual assistants. With a Raspberry Pi, you can create your own, in this case with Amazon as an ally. It will not sound like a loudspeaker and you will not be able to use apps like Spotify, but at least you’ll have your own device with Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

raspberry pi alexa

More information | PiMyLifeUp

7. “Live” painting

If you have an LCD screen of a television or a monitor that is no longer valid, you can give it a second chance by using it to create a picture that shows images, videos or whatever your imagination dictates. That is the only limit.

raspberry pi life painting

More information | Instructables

8. GIF camera

Another photographic project which is very fun, well finished and which we will get a lot of this summer. It is a camera with the Raspberry Pi and is responsible for creating a GIF for us. A different way to take photos and have memories.

gif camera raspberry pi

More information | Hackaday

9. Minecraft PE server

Taking advantage of the low consumption of the RPi, this Raspberry Pi project uses the minicomputer of 40 euros to keep a Minecraft server for its Pocket Edition online all the time.

raspberry pi minecraft

More information | PML

10. Your own advanced drone

Mounting our automated drone allows us to grant functions on demand. In this case, the project is not simple but the result is very worthwhile: face recognition, autonomous flight system, ability to avoid obstacles and even telemetry via Bluetooth.

More information | Instructables

11. MiniPC chess player

If you have always dreamed of having your own computer-chess player, map it to a Raspberry Pi. Using its processing capacity and Arduino boards, you can build a chess system that plays against you and with real pieces.

More information | Fortherapy

12. MiniMac made with LEGO

It does not have a large screen or even color (it’s an electronic ink), but for Apple fans, this minimac with Docker running on a Raspberry Pi Zero is quite a statement of intent. And a great challenge.

minimac raspberry pi

More information | Yann

Hope you like these projects for Raspberry Pi. Do check out projects website and learn how you can make something really cool and useful. Also, check out the new Raspberry Pi 4 which came out recently.

If you have created your own project, then let me know. I will love to review your project.

Happy hacking!

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