Raspbian OS And Why Everyone Is So Attached To It


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​The Raspberry is a Debian based Linux distribution created for the Raspberry Pi. It is worth to mention that the Raspberry is designed to only function with the raspberry, however, to account for the rest of alternatives out there, it is all about competition and making the PI more adaptable and flexible.

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Raspbian was released in 2012 by the Raspbian foundation and since then various features have been added. You are likely to purchase it with all the features that you may need for your projects compared to someone who purchased one in 2012. The OS was created by Mike Thompson and Peter Green.


Four Awesome Things About the Raspbian

Developer support

​Raspbian pulls more attention from the raspberry foundation given it is the official Raspberry OS. This results in the development of more features and utility software. With support from the raspberry community, it is therefore easy to set up this distribution and get going. For this reason, Raspbian also comes pre-installed with office programs, a web-browser, Minecraft and some programming languages(scratch, python, c/c++).​  

Lightweight Nature

​Raspbian is fast and light. Processes share the same resources during execution without the need for creating process-specific resources unlike in heavyweight systems. This, therefore, increases the efficiency and speed of the operating system. Since the adoption of an epiphany-based software, the os has gained noticeable speed, unlike previous versions which run on Midori. All Raspbian programs are also created in a way that they increase performance efficiency. A good example is the command line used to play media. (OXM command line).

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​What really sieves great software from the good software is the ability to be mindful of the end-user. The PI is created especially for educational purposes. That remains that. Therefore what makes Raspbian more advantageous to most pi users is its ability to choose the best learning tools and programs. From simple beginner-friendly programming languages like python and ruby to simplistic teaching software like scratch. I think Raspbian always stands out from the rest.  

Simplicity and User-friendly

Raspbian Os is easy to maintain as it is to use. The commands are quite easy and whenever you need to install software, the repository will always provide an updated version of the same. The repository boasts also of plenty of software all that encompasses most of which that you will need.

On the downside, you are not likely to encounter Raspberry as strong in performance as some other Pi distros like pidora. This means a pidora will run quite fast however what really puts Raspbian on the top is its level of usability which to honestly say Raspbian is way beyond the rest. Another alternative that you are likely to encounter is the arch which is also fun to use but a little more difficult for beginners. But if you are pretty okay with the learning curve you may opt for it. I recommend you to go for Raspbian. It’s fun and pretty easy to use.

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