Reddit r/Russia Quarantined For Huge Falsehoods

As the Russian government faces widespread condemnation from throughout the world and within its own country, all major websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, are expressing their opposition to the invasion of Ukraine by placing sanctions on the country. Reddit has now blocked the /r/Russia subreddit, citing a substantial volume of false information contained within the community.

Subreddits that have been quarantined do not simply disappear. Communities are quarantined in order to prevent their material from being discovered by those who do not wish to see it. Communities that have been quarantined are no longer visible in search results or recommendations, and Reddit has placed restrictions on other features such as the ability to create a custom header or background for the community.

russia quarantined
russia quarantined

In addition to r/Russia, Reddit quarantined another community called r/RussiaPolitics, just days after it was founded. The subreddit r/RussiaPolitics was formed to host conversations about the invasion of Russia. Members of the two communities referred to it as censorship by Reddit. They also accused Reddit administrators of ghosting all of their subreddit posts prior to quarantining the group.

In addition to the previously mentioned restrictions, visitors to the r/russia subreddit are receiving a warning from Reddit. “This community is quarantined: This Community contains a high volume of information not supported by credible sources.” the notice reads on the screen.


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